Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your weekend was glorious, and that the rainy weather is causing TOO much of a damper in your plans today!

I’m sick. Yucky sick, bronchitis sick. I think my allergies decided to move down and take up residence in my lungs. Which is pretty rude considering they never asked and weren’t invited. How inconsiderate, right? So I’m trying to stay positive and drink lots of fluid and take my medicine and get RID of this crap!

I have a couple of random things today though, I’ve been collecting stuff that I’ve found in my internet travels. :)

First up, really random, my Oreo cookie was inside out today, and it weirded me out. That’s not how they’re supposed to look. Yes, it tasted fine, but still… the Oreo goes on the outside. And to demonstrate I took some stellar pictures with my camera phone, which won’t focus on the stupid cookie properly, but you’ll get the idea. See:

oreo cookie inside out wrong way

That just looks wrong, right? And for anyone unfamiliar with an Oreo cookie – first of all, go get yourself a bag and a big glass of milk and chow down because they’re AWESOME. Especially Double Stuf! But if you’ve never seen one and don’t happen to have a bag with you now, this is what they’re supposed to look like, with the little design, and the OREO in the middle. This one is broken, but at least it’s right side out. It’s just not RIGHT to have it upside down!

oreo cookie right way

Second, I couldn’t sleep last night, because it dawned on me yesterday after receiving emails from my coordinator, that my wedding is just over two months away. Ummm… WHAT?! Wow that went fast. Last night my mind was flying with everything that I have to get done. I’ve been concentrating so much on other weddings that I’ve been slacking on my own! So it’s time to really get serious and get some stuff done. I’m having dinner with my mothers (meaning my mom and Tom’s mom) soon to start nailing down details. Luckily this will be a busy weekend for me so I can put it off until after that. My brain is on overload!

And finally… the unplugged wedding. This has been making the rounds on Facebook amongst wedding vendors lately, and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. To read the entire article, click here. Here’s a little snippet:

Carrie Kilman, a 35-year-old planning her August 2011 wedding in Madison, WI, has personal experience with the distraction factor. “As a photographer myself, I know how the act of being behind the lens can distance me from the energy of the moment — I become an observer and interpreter, and no longer a true participant. We want our guests to experience our ceremony in a way you typically can’t do when you’re staring through a viewfinder or fiddling with your iPhone.”

I encourage you to read the entire article, and especially to look at the photos. I’m including one here because it really shocks me to see this, I can’t believe that someone would be so rude at a wedding… Photo is by Joe Sanfilippo Photography. I’m flabbergasted that a GUEST would get BEHIND the couple to take pictures. Really? REALLY!? I’m pretty bold when it comes to taking photos, usually I’m of the opinion that I would rather ask for forgiveness than permission. But that is just wrong. Completely and totally rude, with no regard for the bride and groom, or anyone else there. That’s a guest people, a guest. Not the professional photographer. I understand the officiant told him firmly to sit down afterwards. It’s sad that he had to be asked to be considerate though.

uncle bob wedding photographer rude guest at wedding behind bride and groom

I’m torn on this one, I really am. One of the photos from the article shows the bride and groom, and EVERY SINGLE aisle guest has a camera up to take the photo. I think that part of this also has to do with the fact that viewfinders are a thing of the past on point and shoot cameras. So someone has to actually hold the camera out and up to see what they’re taking a photo of.

Now naturally, people want to take photos at a wedding. But the article makes a good point – can’t someone just live in the moment? I can see both sides. I am one of those people that often experiences things through a viewfinder. I don’t think that it makes me any less absent than the person next to me. But I can see where, as a bride, when you can see nothing but cameras, it can be a little overwhelming. Especially if someone isn’t used to being photographed. I don’t have that problem, but it would be nice to see my friends and families’ eyes, and connect with them on that important day. As a photographer though, I know how frustrating it is to try to get that shot and have someone holding their point and shoot camera in your way. I get that, I totally do. So what’s a bride to do?

I don’t know, I go back and forth on this – what do you guys think?

Happy Monday everyone, and please leave your comments below. PS – if you’ve been unable to comment with certain browsers, have no fear! I am in the process of completely revamping the entire website and blog, so it should be fixed soon. I promise that comments work, but they don’t like Internet Explorer apparently. I can’t say I blame them. ;)