Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

Today I figured that I would talk about something that has been really difficult for me – centerpieces. I know I know, not that hard, right? But I can’t choose. I don’t know what I want. And truth be told, I’m really, REALLY bad at decorating. My mother is amazing at it, I figure she’ll rock the centerpieces, right? Ha! In order for her to do that I have to tell her what I want, which is easier said than done! I would much rather take photos of someone else’s awesome centerpieces, than have to choose my own.

But here I go.

I have been saving random photos that I’ve found all over the internet to show my mother. This was before I was introduced to Pinterest, because pinning them would have been SO much easier than saving them! I chose some of my favorites, and made a board to talk about the different aspects of them.

There are so many things to consider when thinking about centerpieces, it can be a little overwhelming. How big is your reception space? Do you want the centerpieces to be used in the ceremony and then moved? What kind of tables do you have for your reception, and what size are they? What is your floral budget – there’s a big one. Most people don’t realize how much it really costs to make these centerpieces when they’re full of flowers! Check out my favorites.

wedding centerpieces chandeliers branches candles votives tealights flowers

I think I’ve narrowed it down. Six examples isn’t too bad right? Maybe I can just email my mother with this link so she can see… on second thought that might not go over too well.

  1. I really, really, REALLY love hangy downy crystals. Yes, that’s the technical term, I said it. And what better way to display hangy downy crystals than in a chandelier?! How cute is this mini one? I wonder how hard it would be to make. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them for sale, although I’m sure they’re out there somewhere!
  2. More of the hangy downy crystals! These are colored, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think I like the clear more than the colored, because they will cast different types of reflections all over the place. The iridescent ones! I really like the shape of the flowers in this one as well, and the smaller jars underneath. Different levels of decoration will be more pleasing to the eye!
  3. I like the way these flowers kind of spray out from the branches. Rather than being a really tight bunch, they kind of spray out from the middle, adding some volume without being HUGE.
  4. More of the spraying flowers – love it! I also like the hangy downy flowers, and the candles hanging from the centerpiece itself as well. The branches being in the middle look like they’re reaching up, while the flowers reach out, and I really like that look!
  5. Ahhhh more hangy downy crystals. I really love these. These have that big volume look without a TON of flowers, because of the stems that are longer and stand out more. (I can just see my mother reading this, going “those are _______ Brooke, I told you that!” I can’t remember names of flowers, it’s just not something I’m good at!)
  6. Beautiful, beautiful bokeh. There are so many beautiful lights in this photo, and while we can’t really tell what they are, my guess is that each centerpiece has lots of candles and they’re showing in the background. This is kind of a romantic look, gorgeous!

What are you doing for your centerpieces? I know of one bride that took cans (think green bean cans, corn cans, stuff like that) and wrapped them in a brown twine for her centerpieces. I know of another that went to various thrift stores and got a ton of different sizes of vases, and each table had several vases on it, it was a cool look!

Think about all of these things when it comes to centerpieces. You don’t necessarily have to use a basic vase with flowers, there are so many options. Bird cages were really popular last year. If you have a theme, you can incorporate that theme into your centerpieces as well!

Who knows, maybe by the end of this, I will be GOOD at actually creating this stuff, instead of just taking photos of it. Maybe.

What are your favorites, what are you going to use for your centerpieces? What ideas have you come across that were a little different and fun?