Denver Murder Mystery Dinner and Wedding – Lumber Baron Inn

I’ve been holding onto these pictures, waiting for the right time to post them. I guess that’s silly, is there really a right time? They’re hilarious. Funny things are always good. Laughing is good! Plus, the show returns again this month, so it’s rather appropriate that I share these today!

So because it’s Friday, and because I want you all to laugh and have a wonderful start to your weekend, I present to you, the Murder Mystery Dinner and Wedding at Lumber Baron Inn.

Last year, we got VIP tickets to the Bridezilla show. I didn’t really know what to expect we had never been to anything like this. I definitely didn’t expect the gorgeous mansion! I’m sorry that I didn’t get a picture of it – it was truly beautiful. Tom was giving me funny looks when I wanted to break out the camera on the street to get a photo of the actual mansion, so we went inside. That just means we have to go again, right?

Before I continue, here’s something to understand about Tom in all of these photos. Tom will SAY he’s shy. He will be quiet and not say much. But when he’s forced to be in the spotlight, he secretly loves it. He will never SAY that he loves it, but he does.

When we walked up to the mansion and gave our names, the hostess looked at Tom and said “OOH I’m so glad you’re here!” She gave him special beads that the rest of us didn’t get, and he turned bright red. He kept nudging me and asking me what I had done, but I didn’t do anything! He was marked, through no action of mine!

We went inside, and went to the photo area. There was a kid taking the photos, dressed in kind of an Oliver-esque costume. When he saw Tom’s beads he said “Oh I’m SO glad that you could make it tonight!” Tom again turned bright red, and shot me a dirty look. I really, swear to anything, didn’t say anything to single him out.

We took a brief tour of the mansion, and we were lead outside to the beautiful courtyard! If this place wasn’t so small, I would definitely consider having our wedding there. It was gorgeous! The three of us sat down, and talked for a bit, while Tom went to the bar to get me a drink. He came back with wine just as the characters started appearing.

Kamilla Rugburn was the gorgeous bride. Umm… ya, gorgeous, sure, we’ll go with that. ;) She was VERY loud and obnoxious, and was so excited to have all of these people at her wedding.

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

And she decided that she really liked Tom! (Should I be concerned?) Ha!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

Then a stroller came out. I thought that was kind of odd, I didn’t really see any other children there. Then I saw who was pushing the stroller – it was the same kid that took our photo, that was so happy to see Tom. And the baby in the stroller was… well… Kamilla’s son. Beauty runs in the family right? Yikes!

Kamilla Rugburn stroller Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

After some time in the courtyard, we were directed to go up to the top loft area, where dinner would be served, and the wedding would take place. And wow, I’ve definitely never photographed a wedding like this one LOL! We ate dinner while the wedding started. Different people in the audience were called upon to play certain roles, so this wedding was officiated by an audience member!

Kamilla insisted that a man from the audience take off her garter with his teeth. The poor guy was definitely NOT feeling that, so he used his hands.

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

When it came time to cut and share the cake, the groom smashed the cake into Kamilla’s face – he didn’t seem very happy to be married! She was upset about the cake – and then dropped dead! Here’s where the mystery starts!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

The bike patrol policeman was the only one available to handle the case, and he was definitely ON the case!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver bike patrol police

We walked around the room, looking at clues. Several things came to light… such as the groom’s football musical idea that he wanted to share with us. He was a little TOO good at that dance!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver groom dance

It was discovered that the Oliver-esque costumed boy was actually Kamilla’s abandoned son of 14 years, and that Tom (yes, MY TOM!) was the father. Umm… honey? Do we need to talk? THAT was why Tom was marked!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver baby daddy

Each table had a chance to write down who they thought was the culprit, who murdered Kamilla! Then each table had to send up a representative to read the suspicions! The man on the right was the really, REALLY drunk DJ, the groom is in the middle, and a representative from one of the tables is on the right. They called him Mike Ditka LOL!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver results drunk dj

Tom was our representative (baby daddy has to represent, right?!) so he went up. The groom had this horrible cloth thing that he had wound up and put into his shirt, it looked really, REALLY bad. And he laid it on Tom’s shoulder while he read the results. See the color in Tom’s face changing to RED? ;)

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver groom results

We did NOT guess correctly, our table didn’t win. And I’m not going to tell you WHO won, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Kamilla wanted a photo of her and Tom on her cell phone, and posted it on Facebook – isn’t it lovely? It was really hot in that loft!

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver

And finally, a photo of Tom and I.

Kamilla Rugburn Lumber Baron Inn Bridezilla Wedding Denver brooke summer

Tom and I went with two family members, and the four of us had a BLAST. This was such a fun show, and all of the characters REALLY got into it – which made it so much more fun! I love how people were randomly marked, and I really am serious when I say that I didn’t single him out when I made the reservation. They chose him on their own!

I can’t tell you the results of the mystery because the show has just reopened! I’m sure it will be different for the returning guests, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone. :)

I would highly recommend going out for a night at the Lumber Baron Inn to one of their shows. And no, I’m not getting anything from them for this, I just had a ton of fun! We’re forever looking for unique date night ideas, and this one was awesome! The food was just okay – not great, not bad – but the show was so much fun. Although in hindsight, if you have a member in your group that would be VERY upset if they are picked, you might want to say so ahead of time. One of the members of our group would have walked out if he was chosen… so I’m glad he wasn’t!

The Icing Bridezilla Show returns this month at the Lumber Baron. I haven’t been to any of their other shows, but I’ve seen photos and it has some of the same cast members – which means the other shows should be awesome too!

Check it out, support local art and businesses, and have a fun date night. SERIOUSLY fun! The Lumber Baron is even available for a Denver wedding venue, and it’s a bed and breakfast, so you can stay there!

You can read more about the Icing Bridezilla Show here, and check out Lumber Baron’s Facebook page here. Kamilla Rugburn’s Facebook page is here, the profile picture is ummm scary. LOL!

Happy Friday everyone, have a fantabulous weekend!