Happy Monday everyone!

As I write this, I’m eating a popsicle. One of those popsicles that come in the plastic wrappers, unfrozen, and you have to freeze them? They used to be called Otter Pops. Remember those? I have an addiction. Who’s with me! I know I can’t be the only out there that loves these damn things! And these ones are from Walmart, they’re like $2 for a huge package, and they have awesome flavors. Like mango, strawberry, and PINA COLADA! OH yeah.

Today’s edition of Manic Monday is going to be kind of all over the place. Although that’s the point of Manic Monday, right?

Last week I went to a bridal show. It was very small, at a fitness club, and there were two things that struck me at this show. The first was the fact that a videographer was trying to argue with me about wedding photos, and why they weren’t as valuable as his videos. Umm… hello!? You’re talking to the WRONG person for that one dude. The second was – get this – another vendor actually hit on me, while talking to me about my wedding and my fiancée. Wow. You would think there would be a line, right? Wow indeed.

For all the photogs out there: if you’re not participating in an online forum, you are REALLY missing out. There are SO many awesome forums, and they can be such a HUGE wealth of knowledge! And what’s nice too, is that no matter how NEW you are – chances are you know something that someone else can learn from. There are several available, one of them is OSP. One of my favorites though, is actually more than just a forum. It’s a “school,” complete with videos from professionals with awesome information, forums, a place to share your images and have them critiqued, and even chat! But the BEST part about this is the attitude. This place is so full of positive people, so willing to help with any question you might have. This month they’re trying to reach a membership goal so they’ve asked us to share some information about it. Check it out, it’s called The B School. It was started by Becker, an amazing wedding photographer, and it really is a fantastic place to learn. Sometimes I’ll just read and read and read and soak up what everyone is saying! Although I really try to contribute as well. The B School is HERE, The B School on Facebook is HERE, and Becker’s blog is here. Check them all out, and join The B School and friend me. :) It really is worth the investment!

On that note, I will say goodbye for today, and I will see you all later this week!