Happy Monday everyone!

As I write this, I’m sitting in my virtual office working on things while the restaurant plays “Bad to the Bone.” I’m not really sure how I feel about that song while I’m working. Kind of odd. Not that I don’t like it, and I like to think I’m bad, as in badass, but maybe not bad to the bone.

I have some photos to post, hopefully soon. Yessenia and Ruben were married on Saturday, and the wedding was SO much fun! So those will be coming soon. :) In the meantime, some randomness for Mondays! Sometimes Mondays are just a little too crazy to really think any other way, am I right?

I’m pretty cheap when it comes to some things. Hand soap is one of those things. I’m not really sure why, but I just never really felt like I needed to get fancy hand soap. I had the cheap generic special brand, that was like $1.00 or something, and that was fine. Until I used Bath and Body Works soaps. And now, nothing else will really do. Because now I’m used to the little beads in the soaps. And my hands smelling yummy. And every time I move, getting a little whiff of my super clean hands. I have one in my bathroom and kitchen now, and I love them! Right now the fall scents are back and so they’re all on sale, check them out.

Why do we take healthy things and batter them and fry them? Take fish, for example. Fish is full of vitamins and essential oils, and all sorts of things to build a healthy body. Yeah, sure, we like fish. But cut it up, batter it, and stick it into a sauce made from mayonnaise and now we LOVE fish! Or how about zucchini? Or a myriad of other veggies? Artichoke hearts – battered and fried, delicious! Would I eat them alone otherwise? Probably not. On things, sure. In dip, sure. Let’s put them into a mayonnaise based dip full of cream cheese and other cheeses, and add spinach to make ourselves feel a little better. Because it has spinach and artichokes in it, it has to be good for us, right?

I have to take my engagement ring in to be soldered to the wedding bands, and I don’t want to let it go, even for a week. Yes, I have my placeholder ring, but it’s not the same!

My baby is 7 years old. I wish I had something else witty to write here, but it makes me cry and will take a little bit before I can actually admit it to myself. So I will write another post about that soon. In the interim, this photo of him will have to do. He is SUCH a fish, let him go in any water and he’s happy for HOURS. I sit on the side, watching if I’m not swimming… but when he gets on the diving board, I start yelling and cheering for him. He acts embarrassed but I know that he really likes it.

My little point and shoot was working overtime that day. People thought I was crazy for having a camera at a pool, but it was worth it to get shots like this!

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