I married a very smart man. He is thoughtful and considerate, and intelligent. But when it comes to gift giving, he’s a little… umm… challenged. We get into that endless circle that goes something like this:

Tom: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: I want you to really think of something that would mean a lot to me.
Tom (drawing a complete blank): Like what?
Me: If I have to tell you what I want it doesn’t mean as much, I want you to put some thought into it!
Tom (thinking, just tell me what you want woman! but trying to remain calm): I need a few suggestions though.
Me: I want something that is meaningful.
Tom (thinking, good LORD woman just tell me what you want! but still remaining calm…): Can you give me some direction?

And then it goes, on and on. WHO here knows what I’m talking about, ladies!?

I am learning to just tell him what I want, we are getting there. But ladies, doesn’t it feel awesome when your man gets you something that he KNOWS you will love, without you saying a word? When he sees something and really THINKS of you, and knows that you will like it, and you haven’t said anything. That’s what we hope for, right? Sadly, there is usually a huge gap between the genders when it comes to meaningful gift giving.

I’m SO thrilled to introduce this new feature. Several of you have asked for it, and it took some time to figure out the logistics, but it is up and ready to go!

The holidays are coming. Yes, I know, it’s still hot outside, right? Stop talking about cold weather Brooke! But really, it’s going to come up before you know it. And in the interest of assisting MANkind everywhere, I have a special feature available for you to tell him exactly what you want for that special holiday.

Birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, anniversaries, just because I’m an awesome wife, we are planning on having another child and I want photos before my body is changed again… whatever the reason! There is now a form on the website where you can send a HINT to the man you love. It will ask you for your name and email, and his name and email, and any information provided stays with me and only me. An email will be sent to him, telling him that you wanted him to know exactly what you want! There’s an option to see an example of the email, with Tom’s and my name inserted so that you know exactly what is said. You will also receive a copy of the email when it is sent!

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If a special session is something that you’ve been thinking about for awhile, and would love a special gift that leaves you feeling amazing, click here or on the screenshot above to send a link to someone you love. Maybe it’s something you’ve talked about with your mother, but you’ve never made the appointment. It could make a wonderful gift for a special girlfriend too! If you’re getting married and would love a boudoir bachelorette party, or special bridal session, you could send this hint to your maid of honor! This is designed to make your life a little easier, and let someone know exactly what you want. So that you can avoid the discussion above, and the frustration that comes with it, on both sides! As always, if you have any questions about the hint or anything boudoir related, please contact me so that I can help you!

PS – No Toms were harmed in the writing of this post. He read and approved of it, and even laughed. And then said that he would really appreciate some hints. Ladies, help a guy out and let him know what you want! Click here to send him a hint. I will help him, he will be happy, you will be happy, all will be well with your world!