Denver Boudoir Photos – Be Kind to Yourself

As a Denver boudoir photographer, it is a never ending conversation with my clients and women around me – be kind to yourself. Usually, when we have this conversation, it is with regards to physical appearance. Yes, you have stretch marks, because you grew a human being – give yourself a break. Yes, your boobs are lopsided (this one is for myself!) but that’s okay, it doesn’t make you any less of a person. Yes, you don’t fit into the senior prom dress from high school – but you’re a grown woman now, not a girl. We are so damn hard on ourselves when it comes to how we look, and regardless of who we want to blame – the media, society, whatever – we need to give ourselves a break.

But what about things that are NOT tied to physical appearance?

Last night, I melted down and was sobbing. Yes, it was triggered by something completely unrelated – but as we all know, with women, everything is related. I was very, very upset, and poor Tom I’m sure thought I was nuts. I felt like the worst mom ever. Here it is, school is going to be in session again, and we haven’t gone camping. To a Rockies game. We haven’t done several things that I wanted to do as a family before school was back in. I realize, looking back on this now, that it was silly, but last night, it was very real and hurtful. I was devastated, feeling like I had failed my son, my husband, my family. Who the hell am I to be having another child?

Tom was comforting me, reminding me that we have Rockies tickets coming up. And while we may not have gone camping, we went to Mexico and swam with sea turtles. We have done so many amazing things this summer, and our son has had so much fun, even if it wasn’t the fun that I had meticulously planned out. This morning I was thinking more about it, and thinking about everything that we HAVE done together. And the same conversation that I have with my clients came back to me – give yourself a damn break.

No, it’s not related to physical appearance – that’s a whole different story. But overall, we need to be kinder to ourselves. To look at the good, and remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can. Tom reminded me that our son is SO well taken care of, borderline spoiled. He is surrounded by family that loves him, he has had experiences that most adults in the world will never get to have. He cooks, cleans, and is unbelievably kind to others.

I need to remember the good things, instead of focusing on the bad. I need to know that this baby will be crazy blessed just like my son is, surrounded by family, laughter, and yes, some sarcastic jokes.

I need to give myself a break, and be KIND to myself, and not just when it comes to my appearance.

This beautiful woman came in for her session a few weeks ago, and we had this same discussion. Yes, about appearance, but about other things too. This is a sneak peek of her Denver boudoir photos, there will be more to come soon.

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We all need to be a little kinder – not just to others, but to ourselves.

What is something that you need to give yourself a break on?


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