Denver Boudoir Photos – Galentine’s Day Party!

I remember years ago, my BFF called Valentine’s Day “single woman’s hell.” I don’t know that that statement is necessarily true. I’m somewhat of a serial monogamist – I don’t really stay single for long – and I can honestly say that Valentine’s Day while attached can be hell too.

We get our expectations up, right? We see those stupid commercials – HE WENT TO JARED. Look, he got me a Lexus! We’re going to the most exclusive restaurant for Valentine’s Day – even though they have a set menu and we can’t get in until 11 at night because it’s SO FREAKIN’ PACKED so that’s the only time we could get a reservation.

Let’s be real, shall we? Valentine’s Day can suck, no matter who you are. Single or attached, male or female – it’s a chance for the companies everywhere to remind us that we aren’t enough unless we do THIS. Unless we get THIS. Unless we experience THIS.

I call bullshit.

My husband and I have decided that while we still celebrate – because I am a HUGE holiday kind of girl – we do it when we want to, sometime in February. Heck, sometimes we wait for restaurant week to try something new and unique. Sometimes we do it beforehand because we see something fun.

The point is, Valentine’s Day doesn’t HAVE to be about gifts and dinner and hearts and roses and chocolates. Yes, I do love my See’s Candies – and this is the one time of year that I get them!

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Historical significance aside (that’s a whole different article), Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating love. Love for your partner, love for your family, but I want to take back the holiday to celebrate the most important love – LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

Last year I created a very special Denver boudoir photos presentation with some of my amazing clients as a reminder to celebrate yourself. To love yourself. To buy yourself a little something, do your hair in a special way, or wear those adorable panties that sit in the back of the drawer. You can see that video here.

Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate loving yourself, and to remind yourself that you are beautiful, you are kind, and most of all, that you are ENOUGH. Just as you are, right now. Not after you lose 10 pounds, not after you get that specific outfit, not after you learn to walk in crazy huge heels. You are enough right now, single or attached! You are worthy of celebration, and deserve a night where YOU are celebrated!

So this year, we are going to do a very special party – a GALentine’s Day party. No, it’s not spelled wrong. This party will be ladies only. There will be lots of laughter and probably several inappropriate jokes. There will be cocktails and sweets. Maybe even a few cocktails and sweets mixed together. There will be some games – and no, not the silly baby shower or bridal shower games, but games that will leave you laughing so hard your side will hurt. I will give you a hint – while you won’t necessarily be showing them off (clothes will stay on for this party – at least that’s the plan) – wear cute or unique panties. My past clients will have a super special surprise that you won’t want to miss, it will be seriously very, very cool.

So bring a girlfriend. Bring your mom. Bring your sister. Bring the woman you just met at a restaurant downtown while waiting for your to-go order who was a little down about the upcoming holiday. For those of you that are attached, this is a few days before the big day – so plenty of time to celebrate YOU, and then get your partner something fun and celebrate them too.

This is a night you won’t want to miss, I promise it will be a ton of fun.

Click here or on the image below to purchase your ticket.

Speaking of purchase, people often ask me why I sell tickets, so here it is. No, this isn’t a profitable venture for me, it is a celebration. I just want to get an accurate count of who will be coming, and tickets help with that. ;)

SO, go and get your ticket right now, we can’t wait to see you!

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