Denver Boudoir Photography – Featured in an Awesome List!

Bad blogger… I just found my note to myself to blog about this. FROM LAST YEAR. You know why I just found it? Because I wrote it on a Post-it and stuck it in a safe place. SO SAFE that it was safe for a WHOLE YEAR. So even though I’m a year late, I still wanted to blog about this!

Last year, a talented boudoir photographer in August, GA put up a list of some of her favorite boudoir photographers. Sharon Wilson is the owner of an awesome Augusta boudoir photography studio, you can see her website by clicking this link! I’m going to link it here, but ignore the super old watermark, k? The image is below with a new pretty watermark that is consistent with my current brand!

What an honor it is to share this blog post with you. You are about to see some favorite images from very talented boudoir photographers whom I admire from across the United States and beyond.

I am so sorry that I’m so late in blogging this Sharon, thank you so much for listing me with this amazing group of artists! You can read the full post here.

Actually in finding this note, and looking back, it’s interesting to me to see how my style has evolved and changed. My style in editing, shooting, and overall doing business. This photo is from December of 2011 – wow, it seems like it was forever ago! My husband says that I don’t give myself enough credit, but sometimes it’s hard to see how much things are changing. Like when you live with someone that is getting older, you don’t really realize it because you see them every day. I work so hard on my business every day, that sometimes I need to step back and take a look at how far I’ve come.

Raise your coffee… or cocktail, even though it’s still kind of early. Hey, no judgment. Or you could even put Bailey’s in your coffee I suppose. ;)

Here’s to another year of growth!

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