Denver Boudoir Photography – Do you ever…

… work on something so much, and get lost in the WORK and HARD stuff because you’re just trying SO hard, that when you get to a certain point, you just sit and look at what you’ve done?

Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about with construction – you’re building a house, and putting up the drywall, laying the foundation, doing all of the rough work that goes into it… and then at one point you look at the final product, even if it’s not 100% done, and you get to see what all of those smaller bits of hard work were going towards.

Or if you’re a musician, and you’re learning one part to a specific piece, and it’s driving you bonkers. You can’t quite get the timing down, and that one note that is supposed to be sharp you’re just a little off on, even though you’ve gone over it a million times. And when you finally GET it, the entire song is played and it sounds fantastic!

Or maybe some of you know that feeling when you are working on creating an awesome meal. Grinding ingredients, grating things, chopping things… lots of little things going on and all at one time, so you get a little frazzled while cooking, but in the end you get to see the finished project, and taste how yummy your work turned out to be.

I had a shoot like that this morning, and I’m kind of pondering. My assistant is here with me today and I’m sure that she thinks I’m a little nuts because I keep looking at this photo over and over again. I keep dissecting it, looking at what I did, why I did it, and the end result. I have worked so hard, for so many years, in lighting, business, focus, and EVERYTHING that goes into being a photographer. There are so many things on my to do list that I wonder if I will ever get them done. And truthfully, I probably won’t. Because as soon as I cross something off, two more things are added.

But I keep looking at this photo today. Because honestly, I’m kind of shocked that this is my photo. That I took this. That I set up the lighting, that I could SEE what I wanted in the camera, without having to edit for hours, and could paint with light appropriately. I keep going back and looking at this photo again and again. To me, it looks like something out of a magazine, something in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. It doesn’t look like mine.

And yet, it does, and it is mine.

I’m close to crying as I write this, because I feel like looking at this photo is the result of SO much hard work over the years. Make no mistake, being a photographer isn’t just taking photos. Holy crap sometimes it’s really hard. I work more now than I ever did with a 9-5 job for a corporation. And sometimes it feels like that work is draining, with little return. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going. And sometimes… the photos like this remind me how far I’ve come.

Make no mistake, I’m not perfect, and I believe in learning EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But dayum, I’m pretty happy with this photo.

This post isn’t to gloat or revel in awesomeness, please don’t misunderstand. This post is a reminder to myself, and anyone else reading, that the work that we’re doing now, the crappy things that you’re working on that you hate, the frustrations, the tears, the rough stuff that you’re going through to get to where you want to be… it will all be worth it. There will be a photo that you love, or an end result that you’re proud of. And it doesn’t mean that you’re DONE. It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to learn and become even better than this photo – but wow, you’re pretty happy with this end result, right here, right now. Next year, that end result will be even better, but right now – it’s pretty great. The work was worth it.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I’m so sorry. I feel like these past two weeks are kicking my butt. I am literally working so much that I’m making myself sick. Tom keeps telling me I have to slow down, and unfortunately that isn’t really an option right now. It’s getting better though, and in a few weeks I will have my chance to sit and take things in. For now though, I keep going. I keep working my butt off, and keep moving forward. Because DAYUM sometimes it’s hard. But every once in awhile, God reminds me that I AM moving forward, I AM doing a good job, and my hard work WILL pay off.

So I’m sure you might want to see the photo, right? If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen it. ;) I will try to blog more, I promise.

I would love to hear your comments. Not just about the photo, but what hard work are you working on that is kicking your butt… and you just need a reminder that it’s all worth it. Parenting or taking care of your family? A project at work? Getting out of debt? Getting those six pack abs that you’ve always wanted? There are so many projects or goals that we have to work on diligently, and we don’t get instant gratification. But that end result is so sweet, maybe even more so because of the hard work. So what are you working on?

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