Denver Boudoir Photographer – Broncos & Sneak Peek

Well, yesterday was a disappointing day. I know that some of my readers are avid Broncos fans, and some have no idea what happened yesterday – so here’s a breakdown. Two talented teams went to the Superbowl, one of them played much better than the other, and the Broncos ended up losing.

Personally, I am sad, I have been a fan since I was young. I wasn’t REALLY into football when I was younger, but I distinctly remember my dad getting me the Orange Crush stuff – pennants, buttons, and all sorts of fun stuff. So yes, yesterday was disappointing.

As with everything in life, there are lessons to be learned from this game! The Broncos will have their own lessons to learn and put into action next year, but I have been thinking about the lessons that apply to EVERYONE, the things that I have been talking about with my son, and try to teach our teams.

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1. If something means that much to you, you fight for it, and work your BUTT off to make it happen. The Seahawks had only been to the Superbowl once before, and had never won. They clearly wanted to win – BAD. And they fought for it and played really, really well. I’m not entirely sure what happened with the Broncos, but the Seahawks wanted it more.

2. Loyalty means sticking with someone – or a team – even if they lose.

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Yes, the Broncos had a less than stellar performance last night. It makes me sad to see the “fans” jumping ship. I realize that most of us aren’t close personal friends with Broncos players, but the bottom line is that in friendship and in life – loyalty means sticking around, even when things are really crappy.

3. When you lose – and everyone loses sometimes – it’s okay to be upset, but you pull yourself together, learn from it, and put that learning into action for next year! Yikes this one is hard – sometimes when I make a mistake I want to just stay in bed under my super soft and warm comforter and cry. But life doesn’t stop because of mistakes, the world keeps turning. So are you going to let them end everything, or are you going to accept your mistakes, learn from them, and move forward? I have posted this photo on Facebook several times, but it bears repeating… and I keep it so that when I fail at something, I can look at it as a reminder!


Yes, even some of the most famous, amazing people that we have seen in their chosen fields have failed. What would have happened if any of them just gave up?

Our team lost yesterday – and it wasn’t even close, it was an ugly, ugly game for Broncos fans. But if we are truly fans, we stick by our team, and congratulate the other team. Because that is what sportsmanship and integrity is about. If you are facing a HUGE mistake that you’ve made, or a failure, own it. Apologize, make it right. And learn from it, and move forward and kick ass next time.

We are Bronco fans (I keep telling Tom he is a Bronco fan by marriage!) and SO many of my clients are fans too – keep smiling ladies! I might be biased, but I have some of the most beautiful Bronco fans in Colorado for clients as a Denver boudoir photographer! Here is a sneak peek of a session that was just revealed, a little Broncos boudoir love for my ladies out there who are STILL fans!

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