Denver Boudoir Photographer – Strike a Pose!

I found a photo on Facebook and thought it was interesting, so I wanted to explore it more. Look out world, Brooke’s geeking out over here. And I bet you’re wondering how the heck this ties in with being a Denver boudoir photographer, but I will tell you – stay with me!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE WONDER WOMAN. I have wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween since high school, but I have never had it QUITE right, and since I’m somewhat a perfectionist, that means that it just hasn’t happened.


So naturally, when I saw a news snippet with Wonder Woman on Facebook, I HAD to read it, right?

wonder-woman, wonder-woman-posing

Need a quick and easy confidence boost? Just strike a pose like Wonder Woman!

I can tell you from personal experience, this works even better if you have some kickass boots on.

I wanted to look more into this, posing and changing your body language and action to change your mood.

We think of our face as reflecting our internal emotions, but that linkage works both ways – we can change our emotional state by altering our facial expression! Pasting a smile on your face, even if you are consciously faking it, can improve your mood and reduce stress. -Forbes Magazine

When I was in my communications course in college, I learned something that still sticks with me today. Children who are born deaf and blind, and therefore have zero knowledge of facial expressions, still have the same facial expressions for basic human emotions. They smile when they are happy, even though they’ve never seen a smile, and don’t know what it looks like. They frown when they are displeased, even though they have never seen a frown demonstrated.

Come on people – geek out with me – THAT IS FASCINATING STUFF!

While our facial expressions and body language can express how we are feeling internally, our expressions and body language can also affect how we feel internally. As the quote says above, that linkage works both ways. Meaning that if you are having a particularly crappy day, take five minutes, and smile. Smile HUGE – those cheesey smiles that you might reserve for when no one is watching.

And if you need a little confidence boost – like right before your boudoir session – strike a Wonder Woman pose. Stand up tall and confident, and feel amazing, because you will look amazing.

All of this is fascinating to me, and I usually don’t share, but today I was thinking about my clients and how they overcome their fear to rock their boudoir sessions. I walk them through their posing, down to their fingertips, and even though the poses might not FEEL particularly comfortable, they know that they look gorgeous, and it shows in their photos.

Since we were talking about Wonder Woman, I wanted to share a photo that has gone viral. I absolutely love the photo, you can buy prints from the artist (Sarah Satrun) by clicking here.


Use your poses to change your moods, and let me know what YOU think! Does it work for you?


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