Denver Boudoir – A Personal Gift

I can’t tell you how many emails I get from women, wanting to do a boudoir session as a gift for someone they love.

Now let me tell you – gifts is one of my love languages, I absolutely love giving and receiving gifts. And yes, Denver boudoir is an amazing gift for your honey. What partner wouldn’t love to see photos of the person they love, feeling amazing and looking damn hot?

But here’s a secret. Okay, maybe it’s not so secret, I talk about it a lot, but it is worth repeating:


Yes, your partner’s happiness is a welcome side effect. But in the end, the real gift is a gift of confidence and happiness for YOU.

Which, let’s be honest – spills over, and your partner definitely benefits. I mean really, when is he more likely to get laid?

When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed and feeling just BLAH because everyone wants a piece of you? When you’ve been taking care of everyone around you, helping your family, friends, taking care of responsibilities at work, and have so little time left for yourself that you feel completely run down?


When you’ve taken a day to relax and really pamper yourself? When you see photos of yourself that remind you that even though you might wake up with fuzzy teeth and messed up hair and some weird spot on your shirt that you don’t recognize, you are beautiful and sexy? When you spend time laughing, and talking about your hopes and dreams, your fears and wants? When you have had a chance to really enjoy yourself, and have tangible photos to remind yourself of that experience?

I think we all know the answer to this one, it’s a no brainer. Confidence is sexy.

Yes, the Denver boudoir photos are a gift – and your partner will love them. But the confidence and joy that results from a boudoir session will remind you of your worth, and that you are valuable!

And let’s be frank here – there is no more potent aphrodisiac than confidence. FEELING sexy results in some fun, am I right ladies?!