Couples Boudoir – 5 Tips For Couples Preparing For A Boudoir Shoot

Adam & Eve is a very unique and sexy store that has SO many options, including lingerie! They have put together five tips for couples that might be interested in doing a couples boudoir shoot for a guest post for today!


Having a boudoir photography session can be a bit of a daring experience for anybody, but for couples it can be particularly interesting. The nature of this sort of photography is very intimate, and as such it can be both an erotic and slightly intimidating experience for a couple!

There are any number of reasons for booking such a session, whether you’re looking for a boost to intimacy or confidence, a few artistically sensual photos, or even simply a visual representation of how sexy you feel as a couple! However, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily natural to pose for a boudoir session. So with that in mind, here are 5 tips for couples preparing for boudoir photography.

1. Take Your Own Bedroom Photos

This is not meant to be a substitute for your boudoir session, but there’s certainly no harm in taking a few of your own intimate, private photos in advance, just to get used to the idea. These days, you can even achieve fairly impressive quality from a device as simple as a mobile phone, be it an iPhone, Samsung, or the particularly photography-oriented Nokia Lumia series. So, with ease, you can get used to how you look when posing as a couple.

2. Start Exercising

To be clear, this is not at all to suggest that one needs to be in impeccable physical shape for boudoir photography. However, if you feel that you might be a bit shy in front of the camera, a couple of weeks of exercise can boost your confidence for the session. It doesn’t matter so much how you look, but that you’re comfortable.

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3. Buy Some Sexy Clothes

Depending on your session, you may not be wearing clothes at all for a portion of it. However, purchasing some sexy lingerie and men’s underwear can add an element of excitement to the session! Adam & Eve is always a fun place to start, offering a wide selection of lingerie, some classy and sexy, some playful, etc. The right garments can get you very excited for your photos.

4. Spend Time Together With The Photographer

Given the intimate nature of boudoir photography, there can be some shyness, embarrassment, and even jealousy on the part of one or both partners during the photography session. These feelings are only natural when wearing bedroom attire (or less) as a couple in front of a third person; but, you can likely avoid uncomfortable feelings simply by meeting and sitting down with your photographer in advance. You don’t need to become fast friends, but a bit of familiarity can make an enormous difference.

5. Practice Poses

To some extent this goes hand in hand with tip #1, as taking your own photos can lend you a great opportunity to try out some poses. But even if it’s just a bit of one-on-one preparation, having some sexy, intimate poses in mind in advance gives the actual session a more casual, repetitive feeling. This isn’t to say you can’t try something new, and your boudoir photographer may well have some posing ideas and suggestions as well. However, it certainly can’t hurt if you’re looking for ways to feel more comfortable.

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