Here’s a question that has been bothering me. If Kate’s full name is Catherine, why is it Catherine with a “C” and Kate with a “K” ? Weird…

Regardless of how her name is spelled, I thought she looked absolutely beautiful last week! The best part was that they seemed so in love. Yes, that should be a no brainer for a bride and groom, right? But sometimes the royal weddings are more about tradition and pomp than love. This wedding had the tradition, it had the craziness ($65,000,000 – really?!) but the couple seemed genuinely happy and in love. And that was by far the most exciting thing to watch!

I thought her gown was perfect. And the gown she changed into afterwards was even more beautiful – I LOVED the jewels around her waist! I think that was by far my favorite between the two. The actual wedding gown was beautiful, traditional, and perfect for her – but the reception dress had that little extra oomph with the bling instead of the lace. And the furry cardigan over the top? Gorgeous!

kate middleton reception dress

Overall, it was beautiful. I loved that William told her how beautiful she looked when she got to the altar – again, a little reminder that these aren’t just royals but real people. That moment, despite being shared with over 2 BILLION viewers, seemed so intimate and REAL instead of doing something because it was expected.

Those are the moments to capture as a photographer, the moments that the couple will want to remember for decades. Those are the types of moments that will stay near and dear to a bride’s heart. Grooms, take note, I will let you in on a little secret. The moments that you think are stupid or just necessary instead of special, can be REALLY special to us. If our eyes start to get a little teary and you wipe away the tear – awwwww! When you whisper in our ear that we look gorgeous – awwwwwww! When you squeeze our hand a little tighter in front of everyone, proud to be by our side – awwwww! When you whisper that you can’t wait to call us your wife and then kiss our forehead – awwwww! Tom is learning all of this… for some reason God put these awwww moments into womens’ hearts and not mens’. It’s a learning process though!

I really should teach a class for men.

The weather is going to be above 80 this weekend – YAY! Perfect for an engagement shoot. I found out a couple of nights ago that I will be shooting a beach wedding next weekend, exciting and nerve racking all in one! But watching the royal wedding reminds me of the things that I love to capture – the moments in between, the things that others might miss, the things that aren’t expected.

I will leave you on this gorgeous Friday with one more royal wedding picture. This one has a lesson though. I don’t know if Kate was pulled aside and told this beforehand, but she did an amazing job with it for all of her photos. Brides, please please please please PLEASE keep your flowers hip level. If you pull them higher, which feels a little more natural, you’re hiding your gown, and it will detract from your face. And the whole focus of the photo is usually your face, not the flowers! So show off those gorgeous eyes and your beautiful gown, and keep your flowers hip level instead of pulling them up. It might feel awkward, but I promise it will look so much better in your photos.

Kate is now a duchess, married to a prince – now a duke. So yes, she is actual royalty. But on your wedding day, you are royalty! And you will look the part with all of the preparation and planning that you’ve put into your day! So show off your royal beauty and keep your flowers down. Just like Kate, below! ;)

I know that I’m just a peon in a completely different country, but congratulations to William and Kate! They looked so happy and it was so fun to be able to celebrate with them in spirit, while watching the wedding!

Happy Friday everyone!

prince william and kate wedding portrait formal