Happy Hump Day everyone! (Wednesday = hump day = middle of the week… get your mind out of the gutter!)

And happy Wedding Wednesday too!

One of my brides’ weddings is coming up quick – next month! She has been fervently working on all of the details that make weddings crazy fun! She’s working with SO many different things, it all sounds like it will be beautiful! She told me though, a couple of weeks ago, that it will be a “hodge-podge” of various things, and she sounded apologetic for that. I told her “umm awesome?” Ha! I then had to invite her to Pinterest (another story for another time, my new addiction) and started pinning some of the wedding photos I’ve seen with rustic details, “hodge-podged” together!

So that is what I will present to you today. There are so many different styles and looks to weddings, and not every style is for everyone. What’s important is to work towards a style that fits you and your fiancée perfectly! You want your guests to feel like they’re walking into an environment that is so YOU!

I haven’t had the chance to shoot a wedding like this yet, so I’m super psyched about Lorynne’s wedding. But I have found various things from my web travels, here are some details below! I’ve pinned all of these on Pinterest, if you’d like to see the whole board of Rustic, Vintage Inspirations, click here! (And a sidenote – if you’re not on Pinterest and would like an invitation, leave your email address and I will send you one!)

This first four are from StyleMePretty. To see the entire post click here. I really like the vintage mailbox and typewriter, and the frames! One of my favorite things though, is the long tables. They’re usually called banquet tables, and they’re used in place of the round tables, and it looks beautiful! The center of the table is filled with a hodge-podge (hehe I like that word) of various items, like greens, books, and the centerpieces are spaced further apart.

Vintage rustic wedding typewriter mailbox details inspiration

Vintage rustic wedding typewriter mailbox details inspiration

Vintage rustic wedding typewriter mailbox details inspiration

Vintage rustic wedding typewriter mailbox details inspiration

The four photos above were all taken by James Moes.

This next two photos are from Jessica Claire, an amazing wedding photographer in California. I really like the different shapes and sizes of jars and vases that were used – again, a hodge-podge! The other details were beautiful too! This one isn’t as vintage as it is rustic, and it turned out just beautifully!

Rustic vintage smaller centerpiece jars wedding inspiration

Rustic wedding details inspiration escort cards

There are so many wedding blogs and sites out there to find inspiration! The most important thing to remember though, is to make sure that whatever details you choose, they fit you and your fiancée. If you’re the type of couple that prefers hiking in the mountains and growing your own vegetables, maybe a super fancy, jewel-laden wedding won’t really be your style. This is part of what makes weddings so fun – they can be super different with some creativity and effort.

What inspires you today?