Colorado Wedding Photography – Wedding Shoes!

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love love LOVE my shoes! Unfortunately, I haven’t really been wearing a ton of them because I hurt my knee last year. So I’ve been relegated to my Danskos and tennis shoes. Which, if I’m completely honest, hasn’t been an entirely horrible thing, it is pretty darn comfy. But still, I miss my fabulous heels!

For some reason I’m drawn to sparkles. I love glitter, and have no shame in admitting it, even though people tease me that strippers use glitter. I use it in my makeup, my scrapbooking, and anywhere that I can get away with it. Rhinestones, glitter, patent leather – I love it all! I even put rhinestones on a Star Wars layout of Kaden, and that got me into big trouble with Tom. “You just DON’T put jewels on Darth Vader!” I wonder if glitter would have been a more acceptable alternative? Anywho, total tangent there.

Everyone asks me about my wedding gown. And yes, I admit that I have thought about it. But I’m just not a very fashionable chick. I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, with some fabulous shoes. I believe that you can take a super plain outfit and totally change it with different types of shoes. So when people ask me about my gown, I politely answer, and tell them what I’ve been thinking… but really I’ve spent more time thinking about the shoes.

Bad, right?

The number one question when it comes to my wedding shoes – what COLOR!? OMG. Seriously. They can’t be white, that just won’t work for me. I’ve seen some gorgeous white shoes, but it’s just not me, ya know? I want color, I just don’t know what color!

Another problem: style. Most of the shoes that come in the colors that I like are a little… umm… well I just don’t know how to say it without saying it – exotic dancerish. Okay, they’re stripper heels. And believe me, I have no issues with stripper heels at all, I love them. But it’s probably  not appropriate for the wedding. After all, there will already be glitter everywhere, and I will never hear the end of it if I have glitter AND stripper shoes. I want something stylish, classy, and colorful. And sparkly – really, REALLY sparkly. Is that too much to ask? :)

I really like this style, from Jimmy Choo, but I want color:

denver-wedding-photography, colorado-wedding-photography, wedding-shoes

Cute right? And while I do like the sparkles, even without the bright colors, I’m thinking I definitely need to kick it up a notch. I just went there, all Emeril and stuff. I don’t know how Emeril would feel about glitter shoes though, so I promise I won’t say it again in this post.

So then I found these, in my favorite color:

denver-wedding-photography, colorado-wedding-photography, wedding-shoes

Chunkier heel = easier to walk in. I love the red glitter, but hate the bow. Bows and I have issues. Except when I tie my shoes, then I’m kind of forced to use bows. But still, wouldn’t these be cute without the bow? They are a little costumeish though, still.

While looking for red glitter shoes, I came across these:

denver-wedding-photography, colorado-wedding-photography, wedding-shoes

Way cute, love them, except again – that stupid bow. Plus they’re teeny heels. Workable, but they would definitely come off later. And… they’re kind of stripperish. I love them though, I might get them to wear out, I have a killer corset that would be cute with jeans and these shoes! Just not for my wedding though.

What are your favorite shoe websites? Where can I find some kickass shoes for my wedding, do you have any suggestions? There are so many options in royal blue, I’m thinking because of the Sex and the City movie and Carrie’s blue shoes. As much as Tom would be THRILLED to change the colors to royal blue instead of teal, it’s really not what I want. So please share, help a sistah out! ;)