Redesign, and What The Heck?!

I have completely redesigned the website from scratch. Whew, it has been a lot of work. But because of that, the blog look will be changing slowly over time as well. So when the colors change, headers, etc. don’t freak out on me, okay?

Why the redesign, you ask? Because I’m redesigning my business entirely.

I mentioned previously that I decided to go into two different aspects of photography, wedding and boudoir. So I am building a website based on the trajectory of where I want to go.

I’m terrified. This is a huge undertaking for me, and a big change.

Changing all of this would be scary by itself, but add in the fact that I’m planning my own wedding right now, and it magnifies the fear. Why? Because I’m looking at tons and tons and tons of photographers for my own wedding. I’m looking at their styles, and wondering where I fit in. What the heck am I thinking, right?

I know I can do it though. Well, I go back and forth. Some days I know that I can do it, and be super successful and fabulous. And some days I wonder what the heck am I thinking, who am I to think that I can compete with these fabulous photographers?

It’s a work in progress though, a metamorphosis. I have the passion to move forward in what I’m doing. I have support in following my dreams. I have reasons to succeed, beyond the success itself.

I’m excited. I will be successful. I will be fabulous, and I will do it the right way. I will help lift others up as I go along. I will love others, support others, and work with others because I believe that to receive, we first have to give.

Whew. It will work. It has to, God has bigger plans for me. A friend of mine told me something recently, and I asked her if I could quote her because I loved it so much. You might just see it on the blog header soon.

Your dreams are being processed to soon beautify our wonderful universe. – Max Oliver

Wow. That gives me goosebumps when I read it. And I believe it. I’m just scared at times. Don’t we all have those times of uncertainty though?

On a lighter note, I came across this picture on Facebook today and it made me smile. Tom has this hand thingy he does in pictures, and it drives me crazy. Sometimes a girl just wants a nice picture without a rock and roll sign ya know? ;) So in this picture, I am trying to put his hand down and someone caught it.

I leave you with my new favorite phrase. Tom thinks it’s stupid, I think it’s awesome. Yes, I know I’m a dork, but be prepared because you will probably hear it fairly often.

Just remember, without me, it would just be aweso !

Happy Thursday everyone!