I’m a dork. I know this. I embrace it. I’m emotional and little things get to me, even when I wish they wouldn’t.

I watched this video today, a commercial for Kodak, and it made me cry. That’s right, I admit it to the world – this video made me cry.

And I’m okay with that. :) I love to help people capture memories, because they can take us back in time. The photographs can bring back times forgotten, and can evoke emotions like so few things can.

So with that, I give you, the video that made Brooke cry. We should make a list or something. Except that would take too much time. And be like 25 pages long.

PS – My apologies, I can’ t figure out how to make this video smaller so it fits and looks pretty. But I really want to share it so it will be too wide. I’m sure you will all be so forgiving. :)