Our engagement party is over, and man was it fun.

Several people asked me beforehand, “what exactly is the purpose of an engagement party?” My answer was always “I don’t know.” And I truly didn’t know. I’m sure that before modern technology there was some sort of practical reason, like the parents meeting each other, to announce the engagement, or something like that. But now, to me, it’s just a reason to throw a party and have family and friends over for good food and fun!

Tom’s parents hosted it, their home is perfect for entertaining, and perfect for the party! We were surrounded by family and friends, and leis. And of course, much to my dismay, King Tiki made his appearance. Remind me sometime to tell you the rather long story about King Tiki. It’s a horrid decoration that Tom just loves.

My mother, who is an amazing florist, had special orchids flown in from Hawaii just for the party! She even got me a fresh lei, and Tom a “manly” lei, made of leaves. The centerpiece was gorgeous too – and of course, she made that. It’s funny, whenever I tell someone that my mother will be doing my flowers for the wedding, they kind of look at me like they feel sorry for me. I know that sometimes well meaning family can offer to do things for the wedding that the couple doesn’t really want – but believe me when I say that I WANT her to do my flowers! She’s so incredibly good at it, and because she’s raised me, she knows me and knows what I like and want. What more could you ask for from a florist?

There were wings, baked brie, a fabulous fruit platter, and of course beverages! I made my special MaiTais, which were quite a hit. The Cabana Bar was hoppin’, even though all I had was plastic cups for the drinks – even the wine. Don’t hate, drinking wine out of plastic cups is super classy. They were even pretty colored cups! That’s just how we roll people. :) And always remember this little tidbit of wisdom from Brooke: a drink will taste better out of a pretty glass! I don’t know why, it just does. Kind of like food that tastes better only because you didn’t have to cook it. Any mothers out there will be with me on that one, I know that for sure!

Anywho, the party is over, and while I’m sad to see it go, I’m glad to move forward. I am feeling a bit of pressure though to choose a wedding photographer – which is the most stressful part of all of this for me! I couldn’t let the night go by without pictures though! I was super busy all night so I didn’t get to take a lot, but I tried to get others to take some of guests. Some of them rolled their eyes at me, but most were happy to oblige.

So, on this chilly October Friday night, I leave you with pictures of my two favorite guys, dressed for warmer weather. It was a Luau, after all! Oh, and I have to put one in of the centerpiece, because it was just beautiful! I’m not sure who took these, but I’m glad to have pictures of the occasion, who to whomever acted the part of the party photographer, thank you!