This is my first post ever written from my iPad, so if there are typos please forgive me.

It’s over 80 degrees today, and I am sitting in the sun, trying to relax. I would be more comfortable completely naked, but I think tom might have a heart attack if he came home to me, on the back porch, asleep in the sun… Nude. What a party pooper! ;)

I had four wisdom teeth yanked from my skull this week, and the stupid pain just won’t go away. Yes, I said yanked from my skull. Dramatic? Maybe. BUT IT HURTS.

I was prescribed Percocet, and everyone around me was excited for me, telling me it’s good stuff. Well I would like to know just who determines that because it’s not helping. Like, at all. And they gave me anti nausea stuff to avoid nausea from the Percocet. Well if the Percocet isn’t working. What good does that do?

Lol! It sucks. I’m trying not to complain, it’s kind of amusing.

So I’ve been stuck in the house. For anyone that knows me, THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY. I ventured out briefly today, because I had $50 that expired at one of my favorite stores and it had to be used. But – and I know my husband might fall over in shock at this next statement – I couldn’t find any clothes. They were so picked over! So I got shoes instead. I know you were all SO WORRIED about that $50 going to waste. ;)

I’m sitting on the back porch, trying to will myself to feel better. Mind over matter, right? That works for about five minutes until I move wrong and the pain slaps me in the face again. On the bright side, I do have company. ;)


I guess if I’m going to take photos and blog from my iPad I need the new one with the better camera. Dangit, I thought I was going to get out of upgrading. ;)

Frankie likes to lie in the sun too. And come over to say hi every once in awhile. I might have to move my chair though, or I will fall asleep and wake up roasted. That would be JUST my luck lol!

Some of you might have noticed the new design…. There are more changes coming. I’m very, very excited about what is in store!

If anyone is out and about and would like to bring me a caramel cafe frappuccino with a spoon, I will love you forever. Frankie will give you lots of doggie kisses! ;) This writing on my iPad thing isn’t too bad, I may have to do it again soon!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. If you think of me and can say a quick prayer, I would really appreciate it. Or if you have something funny to share, laughs are good! As long as I don’t move my mouth too much. ;)