Frankie was “helping” me bake.

Well, there’s more to that story. More like Tom was “helping” by putting away powdered sugar, Frankie thought she was going to catch something that might drop, and instead of catching it with her mouth she caught the powdered sugar with her head. Since ya know, she’s just “helping” us clean up the floor. Taking one for the team, right? And then “helping” by moving around constantly, trying to lick the powdered sugar off of the top of her head, but her tongue wouldn’t QUITE reach. That “helping” made it very difficult to get a good picture of her. Kaden was already in bed or I’m sure he would have “helped” too.

These are my loved ones “helping” me. ;)

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope your day was great. My day was flippin’ awesome, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know why. I’ll blog about it soon I promise. Until then, have sweet dreams.