Colorado Scrapbook Retreat – Looking Fierce and Fabulous at Mountains and Memories

Yesterday was not a fun day. Just rough, ya know? So today will be better. It HAS to be better. It doesn’t have a choice. You hear that Friday? No choice, you will be awesome! ;) So today I’m posting a picture that makes me laugh.

And no, I haven’t had a chance to go again. I want to SO much, but life is just too busy right now. However, in my previous post about Mountains and Memories, I forgot one VERY important picture!

Becky gathered us in front of the fireplace to take a group picture before everyone started heading out on Sunday. We took our nice picture, everyone smile, CHEESE! Then we decided to do a supermodel picture, with that come hither ridiculous look, boobs pushed forward or cleavage enhanced, and just looking ever so fabulous. **Please note the sarcasm in the previous sentence.** Really, most of us look slightly drunk, or injured in some way. We weren’t, I promise! Except maybe caffeine happy from Phil’s fabulous lattes. And of course, instead of sending out the cute picture in the email, she sent the fun one! Because that’s the kind of group we had – super fun, no nonsense, and a little ridiculous.

So here it is internet, our fabulous group picture from our Mountains and Memories weekend. Fierce! ;)

Now that’s hot. Mountains and Memories was amazing… ladies, you really should check it out if you want a weekend of pampering and laughing!

Happy Friday everyone, make it awesome!