I’m feeling blah.

I don’t have any particular reason, I can’t pinpoint one thing that has really made me feel this way. I just kind of feel down, ya know? Discouraged. Down. Blue. It’s Friday, I should be excited for the weekend. Especially for a long weekend. And I am. I’m excited to relax with my friends and family tonight too. I just feel kind of blah today.

I would imagine that one of the reasons is that I feel stuck. I don’t know what to do next, where to go from here. I don’t know where to take my business and what I need to do next to move forward. That is EXTREMELY frustrating for me. And while in the past couple of weeks I have used that frustration to fuel my passion and learn and be on fire, today I’m just not. I’m discouraged and tired.

I wonder whether I should even blog about this. We’re all supposed to be shiny happy people right? But I’m human. I’m usually a very happy human, but I still have days. Actually, Tom asked me on our first date: “you’re never in a bad mood, are you?” And that’s true for the most part. Even today I wouldn’t say I’m in a bad mood. Just trying to find something to inspire me, to get me past this crappy valley so that I can start moving again towards where I’m meant to be. Moving towards whatever God has planned for me.

So forgive my gloomy disposition today. It’s an Eeyore kind of day. In an attempt to get out of the Eeyoredom and because a photographer posting on her blog without a photo is just… strange, here is a picture for you. It was taken from a bride’s bio that I found while looking at the chosen color combination for the wedding.

I just realized today that everything I found was from 2008 or 2009. Apparently I’m behind the times with my colors! Everyone has a different word for it – aqua, turquoise, teal, Tiffany blue… whatever you call it, I love with red. The contrast makes me smile. Plus they’re two of my most favorite colors, which according to all of the websites that tell you who you are based on your favorite colors, makes me a freak. I don’t care, I love them anyway.

Happy Friday everyone, have a fantastic weekend.