Bistro Al Vino, SE Aurora Date Night!

Last night I went to a small workshop, and it was awesome. Although because I was at the workshop, I missed the Frank Sinatra impersonation show. AGAIN. I keep missing this darn show, and I want to see it so bad! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE Frank Sinatra. I’ve listened to his music for SO many years.

It was actually something that Tom and I discussed on our first date. He said that he kind of felt like an old soul, partially because the music that he likes is so much older. I got all excited and squealed “Me TOO!” So we started talking about all of the older artists that we like – Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday… it was definitely a moment. A bonding moment, one of those crazy moments that you really connect with someone over something that is completely unrelated to the two of you. And yet so relevant.

And another important point about that particular moment? I would be willing to bet that Tom doesn’t even remember it. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about that hehe. ;) He has a not so great memory. Sometimes I will think about those moments in such detail, and remember every word, every scent, and all of the fabulous emotions that I felt – and he doesn’t even remember it. Yes yes I know… men are Martians or something like that. I get it. It doesn’t bother me. Too much. ;)

So anyway, back to Frank Sinatra. There is an awesome wine bar and restaurant near us, called Bistro Al Vino. Tom had never been before because he was offended that they didn’t have beer on tap. I was like ummm Vino? Hello? So Tom had never been, I’ve never been because I’m not a huge wine gal, but they have live music. And I wanted to go dancing without having to drive clear downtown and pay $20 to park. I lovvvvvvve to dance! Live music is by far the best too, as long as the band is good. Because let me tell ya, I’ve heard some horrible live bands. Some awesome ones, but some horrible ones. And NO one is happy with bad music. Especially loud, bad music. So we went for date night.

When we walked into Bistro Al Vino, there was one table left, so we took it. We had just gotten settled when a guy came up to us, and said “I hope you’re okay with it, sometimes people dance on this table.” Well what does one say to that? Tom would have said “okay we’re outta here” but I was excited. I just yelled “SWEET!” and he rolled his eyes.

Phat Daddy started playing, and they were PHENOMENAL. It didn’t hurt that their first song was Marvin Gaye, but seriously, SO good. I really, REALLY REALLY want them for our wedding but it just isn’t in our budget. :( They played everything from old school jazz to Justin Timberlake to Black Eyed Peas to Motown to Michael Jackson – and it was AMAZING! We danced and danced, until Tom got tired then I danced and danced. And for some reason, people loved us. One woman came up to us and asked if we were there for a special occasion, we said not really but we are getting married. She said congratulations, and we danced some more. Then a little while later, another woman asked if she could come to the wedding. Ummm… okay? We didn’t know her, had never met or talked to her. She said “you two look like so much fun I want to come!” Kind of strange, but okay. ;)

We danced and danced some more, and finished off the bottle of wine, and when I went to the restroom I saw a very strange award. Now these awards are nothing new – Westword, 7News, and a whole bunch of other local places give out awards to places for various reasons. Usually something along the lines of best burger, best brunch, best cheap eats, etc. This was one I had never seen before though, and it made me laugh when I saw it. So loud that a guy near me thought I was crazy. And I just HAD to take a picture with my phone. I’m sure that made me look SO SANE to the guy that gave me the crazy look. Souvenirs, right?

That’s right, best place to pick up Divorcees. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, I just never thought of it being award worthy. It cracked me up!

When I came back to the table and sat down, another song immediately came on that I had to dance to. So I stood up, convinced Tom to stand, and took out my point and shoot to take a photo of us. Out of nowhere, the guy that had warned me about the table dancing was in front of us, he wanted to be in the picture. Okay, sure, the more the merrier. So we took the picture, and he motioned for us to come back. Ummm come back where? We followed him back into a smaller room behind the restaurant and found out that he was actually the owner, and wanted us to talk with him for a few. We hung out and talked about his family, our wedding, and the band, and he offered us a drink. How sweet is that! And we met his wife too, she seemed super nice. It is REALLY rare that you can go to a restaurant and hang out with the owner and his family. It seems like there are so many CHAINS all over the place. Not that I don’t love me some Chili’s every once in awhile, but this was just… NICE. It felt good to meet the owner, to have that personal connection with someone instead of a waitress that was half interested in us. (Sorry chains, it’s true about 90% of the time!)

We went back to our table, and sure enough, there was some dancing going on. Going ON – as in, on the table.

We danced for a little while longer, and had to go. But oh wait, this story was about Frank Sinatra. I remember now. :) This is what happens when I just write and write and write and am truly myself. :)

Every Wednesday night Bistro Al Vino has a Frank Sinatra impersonator do a show. I’ve never seen the show, and I want to go SO bad! Wednesdays are just horrible timing for us right now. I’ve never seen the show, but this guy looks so much like Ol’ Blue Eyes, it’s a little creepy. Seriously, check out his picture:

By the way, the picture was taken from his website, I can’t take credit for it, check him out HERE. Isn’t it a little eerie? He looks JUST LIKE HIM. And I’ve heard that he’s really, REALLY good.


I have to see this show. And you should too. And check out Bistro Al Vino. We had so much fun there, even though they don’t have beer on tap. Tom got over it. Live music, awesome staff, and good people. It was awesome. Even if it is the best place to pick up divorcees.

Here’s Tom and I, on our date night, with Al. I don’t really know what was happening in this photo… Tom and Al are looking off into the ceiling, it looks like something out of Step Brothers. And I’m a total spaz with my mouth open. But it’s a fun memory.

And in the end, isn’t that what portraits usually are? Memories. :)