Happy Monday everyone!

I was showering this morning and Tom poked his head and told me it was snowing. Wh-wh-what?! We just bought a new bike yesterday and we were riding around because it was beautiful out. And now… snow? Yuck. But the moisture was definitely needed, particularly for anyone affected by the recent wildfires.

Today marks another Monday, another Manic Monday, with randomness from all over the place. It is also the last Monday in March. So for any of you that had goals for the month of March, get moving! It feels awesome to cross things off of the to-do list, and get those goals completed. I’ve been working on mine, and have really been thinking about April’s goals. Get on it!

We don’t really watch a lot of TV in our home. Thursday night, Tom had rehearsal and Kaden and I got sushi. Thursday has evidently been turned into sushi night because Tom doesn’t like sushi – and Kaden and I do. So it’s our thing. And while eating said sushi, Kaden wanted to watch TV. Normally I would say no, but I was tired… so we turned it on. Did you guys know there’s an entire CHANNEL devoted to National Geographic? I thought that was totally cool until I watched it for an hour. And now I’m convinced that jellyfish are taking over the world. And I know that the ones that are about a centimeter in diameter can kill me and it will be a horrible, painful death. Of course Kaden thought this was all very cool. I’m going to Florida in May, and I LOVE swimming in the ocean – so it terrified me. Hooray for National Geographic…?

Last week I put on some jeans, and there was a little thread hanging off near the waistband, so I pulled it. Ya know, no big deal, it came off and that was that. A few hours later, I realized my ENTIRE waistband for the jeans from the front button to the back middle beltloop had fallen off. That’s right, completely separate, held on only by the beltloops. Note to self, don’t pull on random threads, because they could be rather unfortunate threads to pull.

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. Pretty cool right? Gotta love more Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

I was thoroughly disappointed by Chubby’s breakfast burritos. It was basically tater tots and bacon in a VERY large and overbearing tortilla. Yuck. All I tasted was tortilla and tater tot.

I found an article about 15 places your kid should see before they’re 15. I’ve travelled quite a bit in my life, and I haven’t seen a lot of these. As a matter of fact, I’ve only seen three off the list. And I’m older than 15. Although just a few years. ;) Kaden is a bit young for some of these, like Independence Hall, PA, or Freedom Trail, Boston… but some of them are definite must-sees. The Grand Canyon? How weird is it that I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life and I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon! That must be fixed!

I think that it’s awesome that Liz Taylor wanted to be late to her own funeral.

The service began 15 minutes after its announced start time in observance of Taylor’s parting wish that her funeral start late, her publicist Sally Morrison said.

Taylor had left instructions asking for the tardy start and had requested that someone announce, “She even wanted to be late for her own funeral,” Morrison said.

Puss N Boots is going to have his own movie. Really. Kind of weird. I liked Puss N Boots, he was one of my favorite characters in Shrek, but his own movie? Stretttttttttttch those marketing dollars! And on that thought, I leave you with the trailer. If nothing else, it will make you smile. Even if you don’t want to see the movie.

Happy Monday!