Soooooo confession time. And this is difficult to explain, so bear with me. Every single day as I go through life, I am thankful for things. So this exercise should be easy for me, right? Just list the things, duh. But it’s not that easy for me. I’m a perfectionist in so many ways. The things that I’m constantly thankful for throughout the day are little things. Things that I don’t consider “worthy” of sharing. Stupid, right? So then I rack my brain trying to come up with these deep thoughts and huge blessings and I get frustrated because those things aren’t really what I want to say at that moment. I judge myself and my gratitude (how stupid is that, internet?!) and say that it’s not good enough.


No more.

I’m going to let myself off the hook and just share what I’m grateful for, even if it’s little and small and silly. Because these are the thoughts that run through my head. These are the little things that I think about every day, the things that I’m grateful for.

To catch everyone up, here are the past days, starting with Day 5 that was posted on Facebook.

Day 5 – November 6, 2011 – 29 Days of Thankfulness
Today I am thankful for laughter. Someone teased me last week because I laugh so much… but I am a happy person. God gave us joy, and I believe laughter is just a way to share that joy. :) So yes, I laugh a lot!

Day 6 – November 7, 2011 – 29 Days of Thankfulness – written down but not shared because it’s little… here we go!
Today I am thankful for my down comforter. It sounds stupid, but that thing is so damn soft and cozy. Every time I wrap up in it I feel this huge internal sigh of relief. It feels homey and is comforting – rather appropriate given the name comforter, right? :)

Day 7 – November 8, 2011 – 29 Days of Thankfulness – again written down but not shared…
Today I am thankful that I have a car. It’s not the nicest car, it’s not super luxurious or brand new and doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles. But every time I drive past someone carrying their groceries, walking down the street, I thank God for the fact that I have a car and can drive my groceries home. Every time I drive past a bus stop with someone waiting in the cold, I thank God that I have a car to drive to work in. I’ve BEEN without a car, and it’s SO hard, especially with children. So I’m thankful for that blessing, because it makes my life a little bit easier.

Day 8 – November 9, 2011 – 29 Days of Thankfulness – TODAY!
Today I am thankful for the Showiteers group. I have talked briefly about this amazing of Showit users – but they are so supportive and caring. There is a prayer group as well, and the love that pours out from that group is crazy awesome. And most of all – they’re genuine. Have you ever met that person that pretends to care and then you realize it’s all just an act to look good? Nothing could be further from the truth for this group! I’ve said this before and will repeat it over and over again – the Showit community ALONE pays for the cost each month, without even considering the application! Thank you, David Jay.

And because every post is better with a photo, here I am with some of the Showiteer ladies at the Pass Premiere! I have no idea why I’m the only non-James-Bond girl. Maybe I was trying to look cute, but failing because I look all awkward and stuff. Wait, there’s one in the front too. We’re the two rebels I guess!

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