Yes, I KNOW that there are 30 days in November. But I just saw the video from David Jay this morning, so I’m a day behind. Therefore, this is the 29 days of thankfulness instead!

For anyone unaware, my website and several other pieces of my online presence are built with the tool Showit. For anyone not involved in Showit, it is hard to describe the value of this tool. It’s not only an amazing tool for building websites and other pieces, but it’s an unbelievable community. I really believe that the reason that the community is so supportive and helpful is directly because of a man named David Jay. I wrote a little bit about him when I wrote about the PASS Premiere, and yesterday he uploaded a video, challenging Showiteers to write about something they’re thankful for, every single day in November. So here I go. And I would challenge EVERYONE – not just Showiteers – to write somewhere about the things that you are thankful for. If not a blog or Facebook, just in a notebook that you have at home. I really believe that looking at things from an attitude of gratitude can drastically change your perspective and outlook on life. And yes, I am aware of the cheesy rhyme and stand by my statement with all sincerity. And cheesiness.

Day 1 – November 2, 2011 – 29 Days of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my husband, Tom. (That still feels weird to me to call him my husband!) Believe me when I say that we have gone through our own issues, but through God’s grace we have been made stronger, and I look forward to a lifetime together.

Tom is supportive of my dreams, and is the person that I can vent about when I’m upset. I really try to be positive at all times but no one can maintain that all of the time – and he is the person that I can yell to and just say ACK! to when I’m irritated. He is the person that will build me up when I’m feeling insecure or my confidence is shot. He is the person that will take Kaden to church on a morning that I’m sick, just so that I can sleep peacefully. He will sword fight with Kaden because I obviously know nothing about ninjas (DRAGON MASTER ninjas mommy!). He will drop everything to help someone that he cares about. We have been together for about two and a half years, and I am proud to be his wife. I am so grateful and lucky to have him, even if it means watching Star Wars movies. (Inside wedding joke LoL!)

For a photo, I wanted to share a picture of him taken by Matt Radlinski of Verve Studio on our wedding day. Someone on Facebook said that he looks like the Godfather, I would agree! He looks awesome. He is awesome.

I love you Tom.

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