Denver Photographer – Off Camera Lighting & Lovely Ladies

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get together with several different photographers in the area and chat. And shoot. And learn. And everything in between!

We went to lunch at The Huckleberry – which was an adorable restaurant that I never knew existed! Actually, I never knew there was a downtown Louisville! One of my brides wants a rustic feel for an engagement shoot, so I’ve been on the lookout for barns and such… and driving to Louisville I saw a TON of really neat locations for a shoot! The food was yummy, although right now I will have to refrain from telling you about it because I’m hungry and explaining the yumminess won’t help.

Teddi, Heather, Kim, Maria and I talked for hours. Literally, hours. About everything from pricing to shooting to marketing to kids and anything else that came up! After talking for awhile we decided maybe we should actually go outside and take some pictures, since that’s why we decided to get together, right? ;)

Prior to this I had no experience with off camera lighting. Other than a workshop that I did where the lighting was placed for me, I had always used natural light. And I really loved natural lighting, and honestly… I didn’t want to use artificial lights. But I wanted to learn in case I needed it, and I’m SO glad that I was able to get a crash course from these ladies!

First, let me say that these ladies are AWESOME. So many people are so secretive, and think that sharing information will hurt their business. I’m of the opinion that if your business is awesome to begin with, it will continue to be awesome, and sharing that information will only make it more awesome. So the fact that I got to spend the day with women that are of the same mindset was really refreshing. I didn’t know any of them very well, but after a little bit I felt comfortable with them. Sharing what I knew, and learning from them!

Second, I got to hold a baby. For all the ladies out there with baby fever, can I get a heck yeah! I don’t want to have more babies, but it’s nice every once in awhile to hold a little one. Especially one as adorable as Little Dude.

If you are trying to learn more both in photography and business, I cannot say this enough – GET OUT THERE! You can read all the blogs in the world, but if you don’t get out and meet people, that conversation is pretty one-sided. Meet others, network, and don’t just take what you can from them – SHARE what you have too!

On that note, here are some pictures from our shoot. We found an awesome parking lot – ha!

Isn’t he just adorable? I see some baby modeling in his future! This was before the lights were firing…

And after. BAM! Gotta get that exposure right, the lights threw it off! Little Dude is like dayum people! And I look like an alien. A very cute alien hehe. ;)

The lovely Maria, pulling out the majah cheese! We need some wine with it too. :)

And last but certainly not least, our youngest models. Teddi with her beautiful princess, and Heather with Little Dude! Too cute!

Kaden was in school or he would have been there, he’s all about helping with the camera!

Get out there, meet new people, make friends. Do I sound like your mother? :) Happy Tuesday!