It’s that time again – monthly goals! Okay, who am I kidding, I’m way late in doing my monthly goals on the blog. Is it just me or has April FLOWN by, SUPER fast!?

Before moving into April’s goals, let’s recap March’s goals and see how I did. Scary, right?

Continue game night once a month. We did this, and have consistently had game nights. This month is a little too crazy for us though, I don’t think we’re going to be able to do one this month. I have a feeling that as we get closer to the wedding that will continue to get worse, so I don’t know that I will keep this goal going. I have to be realistic, and I just don’t know that we can do this every month at this busy spot in our lives. COMPLETED, won’t continue though until possibly after the wedding.

Write out the profile of my ideal clients – COMPLETED! This one took a little longer than expected because of different types of clients, but I am pleased to say that I’ve finished it.

Prepare everything I need for a corporate project that is upcoming. – NOT complete, doh! Actually the project has been pushed back so that one isn’t as prioritized right now.

Finish one business related book – and WRITE OUT the homework type stuff! This one was hard because I don’t usually take the time to write everything out like I should. I kind of just breeze through the information and take it in, but don’t write it out. But I am very pleased to say that this one is COMPLETE! Even the writing. In my pretty new journal complete with glitter ribbon. Because every girl needs a little glitter ribbon in her life!

Gear up new aspect of my business to be launched May 1 – ongoing, this won’t be completed in March but will be worked on. – ONGOING, and very exciting for me! :)

Keep working on my neglected gratitude journal, regularly! – This one is a work in progress, and I have worked on it. Not as much as I should, but it’s ongoing!

So those were the March goals, let’s look at April. Since we’re already two weeks into April, this list will be shorter.

April’s Goals

  • Plan the upcoming shoot, including partners. This is huge for me and a little overwhelming. More to come!
  • Have my first engagement shoot – yay!
  • Force myself to go through my last shoot completely in Lightroom instead of Photoshop. Whew that one won’t be easy…
  • Blog the other publication – yay! This means scanning it first, which is why it’s taken so long. Coming soon!

What are some of your goals through the end of April? It’s really hard to get them out there for everyone to see, but kind of awesome at the same time. More incentive to get things done, right? If you don’t want to put them out there for everyone to see, keep a white board on your fridge. Or write them on your bathroom mirror. Put them somewhere that you’ll see them all the time! I’ve never been a super goal oriented person, so this is really a challenge for me, but I’m trying to make changes and move forward! So pour yourself a little lunchtime glass of bubbly and toast to goals, and accomplishing things – getting things DONE! Or some sparkling cider, for all of my prego friends out there!

Happy Tuesday everyone!