Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

I’ve never really done Wedding Wednesday, but I figured since I’m A. getting married this year and B. a wedding photographer, I’m totally going for it. And while I wasn’t really sure what to start with, working on it has been kind of fun!

With that in mind, since I’ve been working on my own centerpieces lately, I thought I would share with you an inspiration board that I’ve built. That being said, this is my first one EVER – so please be kind. :)

I wasn’t really sure what to put into an inspiration board. I was trying to think about what inspires me when it comes to weddings, particularly my own, and Tom and I have really tried to build our wedding around our personalities – laid back and fun. I’ve tried to keep things fun and classy. When I wrote the caterers I believe I used the words “fun, but not hoedown.” Totally us!

So here is my first inspiration board ever. I’m super excited to now be a part of Pinterest, which is a community for finding and “pinning” things onto a virtual bulletin board online. I was invited today and I’m LOVING it so far! I used it for this inspiration board… to collect stuff. :)

Aqua Teal and Red Wedding Fun Inspiration Board

So here we go with some explanations. I numbered them to make it easy.

1. What color for the guys? I’m really liking the look of the groomsmen in one color under the jackets, but the groom with all white under the jacket. Kind of a match to the bride. Maybe with his color in the boutenniere only? I’ve been thinking about the guys quite a bit lately! Fun socks could be cool too. Patent leather shoes! Ooh… WINGTIPS even! (Cue Tom rolling his eyes… LoL!)

2. We’re not sure yet if we’re going to do a candy bar. Our colors would allow for so many fun things in a candy bar, but I’m leaning towards a different type of favor. I love this blue candy bar though, what a fun color!

3. Red, glitter shoes. Nuff said!

4. We really want our wedding to be fun and different. Even the food will be a little different. We don’t want the standard meat, starch, and veggie. We’re going for something super fun and interactive!

5. Teal shoes with jewels. Nuff said! Now the real question is… red or teal? ACK!

6. It’s hard to see, I had to crop this photo small… but those are lanterns grouped together over a table. I really like the idea, to highlight the table, instead of scattering the lanterns. We’re not sure where to go with this yet. I hate to admit it but I’m not very good at decorating. I leave that to the moms! (Meaning my mom and Tom’s mom!)

7. DANCING! People keep telling me I won’t have time to eat and dance – and believe me, I know how fast the day goes. But we are intentionally carving out time to do the necessary things so that we can really enjoy ourselves that night. We’re going to dance with our friends and family, and enjoy being surrounded by the people we love! Again – fun!

8. Photo booth… this is one of the many things that I am REALLY excited about!

9. Red martinis… nuff said again! ;)

10. The bridesmaid dress that I originally picked didn’t work because of the different heights of my ladies. My maid of honor is 6’1″ without heels, and another maid is 5″ nothing. So the dress I had made Ryan (MOH) look like umm… well there’s really no nice way to say this, a hooker. Sorry Ryan LoL! So, I’m moving towards longer gowns. And it’s funny that my inspiration for that is the gown that I wore when I got engaged! I really haven’t told that story here, I will have to tell it soon!

11. Music will be a huge part of the wedding. I don’t really care for these favors, but we’re trying to work out how music will fit in.

12. The combination of the colors… yay! It’s hard to really visualize what I want though, because everything that I find that is red and teal together is more teal than red. Or aqua, whatever you want to call it. Our wedding will be more red than teal. But this dessert table is definitely pretty!

Usually the things I see on inspiration boards are a little more casual. They are usually things that are tangible – dresses, props, favors, etc. I’m realizing as I look at mine that mine is more about a feeling. An attitude. And I think that’s appropriate, because it’s really the way our wedding is being planned. Fun, laid back, enjoyable, and different. Not crazy-pink-hair-everyone-get-the-wedding-date-tattooed-on-their-behinds different, but just different. And memorable!

For anyone in the wedding industry, or any brides out there – what is inspiring you lately? What photo have you seen and you just say “THAT’S IT!” because it’s just what you’ve pictured?