Win a FREE Boudoir Session with ALBUM! | Top Colorado Boudoir

Calling all past clients! I am SO blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to work with the most incredible women in the world as the top Colorado boudoir photographer – and I don’t take that lightly! I have a very special opportunity for you.


You are eligible for this contest ONLY if you have completed a top Colorado boudoir photo shoot with me by March 31, 2020. (special nudge – yes, this means that you could still be eligible if you grab one of the last 2 spots open for March! If you want to book, click here to contact me and let’s get you confirmed!)

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This is a contest that I have never done before, but some of my clients have been sending me beautiful emails, and others have told me how much they love videos, so I figured let’s melt the two together and have a contest!


  1. Make a “testimonial” or “rave” video about your top Colorado boudoir experience with Brooke Summer Photography. In the video, you will want to describe your boudoir session and your photos, and include details about how you felt before and after your session, what you loved most about the experience, and any advice you may have for someone looking to do a boudoir photo shoot. You can also include how your partner (if applicable) reacted to your photos. If there is anything else that is relevant that you want to share, maybe self love related or something else releated, please share that too! Videos will ideally be horizontal and may include examples of your photos if you so choose. Please make sure that your video is social media friendly, so keep the language PG-13 and make sure any and all images are social media friend. (I know I know, it makes me sad too, but those are the rules!) The best videos will be 1-4 minutes long. Bonus points – start your video with “My name is ______ and I’m a BSP beauty!”
  2. Click HERE to fill out the contest entry.
  3. Click HERE to join the private Facebook group for past, present and future clients, Cozy with Brooke. Share the video in the group, and invite friends to join the group too, so they can vote for your entry. You may also share it on your personal page, my personal page, or my business page. Or even YouTube or Instagram! Remember, the contest judges are watching and while it’s not required, extra shares = extra points.


Grand Prize:

A full boudoir experience with yours truly – a boudoir photo shoot with consultation, hair and makeup, your reveal & ordering appointment, PLUS an 8 image 6×6 little black book. ($1450 value!)

First Prize:

A full boudoir experience with yours truly – a boudoir photo shoot with consultation, hair and makeup, your reveal & ordering appointment, plus one high-res digital images. ($750 value!)

Second prize:

A $350 gift card to be used toward a newly-booked boudoir session.

ALL entrants will receive a $200 gift card to be used toward a newly-booked boudoir session. YES you read that right – you’re basically getting $200 to make a video! Because I love you, you amazing ladies & even the guys that have braved a couples session!



  • You must have completed a top Colorado boudoir session with Brooke Summer Photography by March 31, 2020
  • Prize may not be redeemed for cash value.
  • Prizes are valid only for a newly booked boudoir photo session (or couples session), which must be claimed (meaning booked and confirmed on the calendar) by June 1, 2020, and must take place on a weekday in the studio for Brooke Summer Photography in Colorado, between May 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, subject to photographer’s availability.
  • You must agree to allow at least one photo from both your past session and the prize winning session to be displayed and shared in any and all media. You have input and even a headshot or photo without a face is fine, but we want to show off your beautiful photos!
  • Video entries become the property of Brooke Summer Photography, LLC. You must agree to this, and to having your video entry displayed in any and all media by Brooke Summer Photography.
  • Winners will be notified via social media and email.


All entries must be received by 5pm, Friday April 10, 2020. Plenty of time – but don’t wait until the last minute! The sooner you get your entry done and posted in the group, the more time you have to rack up votes!


Your friend’s votes and the group votes and “likes” on your video entry are part of the equation, the winner will also be determined in part by the quality of the video. This includes the message, the entertainment value, the production and creativity. NO, you don’t need to hire a film crew – your phone with some amazing light and clear sound will be perfect. Have FUN with this!

The contest will be judged by a small panel, including myself, my team, and a 3 other mystery guest judges who are trusted boudoir photographer colleagues.

Your body, your face, whether you have makeup on and what you look like has NOTHING to do with the judging, we are looking for emotion. How did your session really make you FEEL? What do you look back on and love? What do you remember the most? What would you love to tell your best friend if she is thinking about doing a session? What was the scariest, what concerned you walking into the session, and were your fears and concerns relieved?

If you’re overwhelmed with options, we are happy to help in the Cozy Facebook Group! Come on over and ask questions, get inspiration or feedback. Small but mighty – don’t forget the first few words mentioned above. ;)

I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with, and to work with you again when you WIN the session because you’re a badass! Good vibes, right?


Ready to book your session!? I’m excited to work with you! Click here to contact me and get more information about booking your session with me!

If you’d like to have more information about what the heck is going on with sessions, parties and more, click here to grab my top Colorado boudoir photography guide – How to Look Amazing in Photos. It has tips and tricks to help you look amazing in photos – whether your clothes are on or off – and avoid having to untag yourself in a social media photo again. Or, just laugh with me at various shenanigans and get early access to events, model calls, and awesome goings-on. Either way, come join the list. We have cocktails.

I am so privileged to be a top Colorado boudoir photography specialist! My clients’ privacy is a top priority for these intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.

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