Parker Boudoir Photography – FEATURED – The Stunning Mrs. M

I have had the amazing privilege to be featured in several magazines and publications – both online and in print. My local studio caters to the Denver metro area, and my Denver & Parker boudoir photography has been shown off by others in several different ways.

But it is always fun to see my work featured in another publication. It never gets old!

You may have heard of Offbeat Bride previously, but did you know that they have a separate side? Offbeat Home & Life is another side of this awesome blog, specializing in helping their readers to create a space in the world where they feel comfortable. Umm yes yes and more yes.

They have so many amazing articles, I’m honored to have my Denver & Parker boudoir photography featured on the Offbeat Home & Life side!

Mrs. M wanted to do a 60th birthday boudoir session to celebrate the beginning of another decade and to give her husband of six years an exciting anniversary gift. And she surely wowed him as much as she wowed us. This session is classy, striking, timeless, and hot. Girl looks seriously GOOD.

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This session was a favorite for me! I feel like there are always so many reasons NOT to do a session. My mother tells me all the time that she wishes she had photos of herself when she was younger and thought she was fat – RIGHT ladies?!

The reality is that you rock. You are gorgeous. You are powerful and confident – JUST AS YOU ARE, right now. Regardless of age, weight, size, background or any other excuse you can throw in there.

Mrs. M wanted to show off her stuff for her husband, and brought a gorgeous white bustier to do so too!

Click on over to Offbeat Home & Life to read more about Mrs. M, and see some of her stunning photos!


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I am so privileged to be a top Denver & Parker boudoir photography specialist! My clients’ privacy is a top priority for these intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.

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