Empowering Women in Denver – Be Kind But Take No S***

A few weeks ago, I promised more of what has been on my heart lately. I cannot even TELL you the stories I have heard from amazing women and the abhorrent way they’ve been treated in the past, and what they have done to overcome it. Empowering women in Denver has been something I’ve been on FIRE about for years now.

I started shooting boudoir in 2009 – at the time, I started because I knew that I wanted to show women how beautiful they are. I have my own body issues and self esteem issues, but I knew that other women were beating themselves up even more, and it was so frustrating to me to hear! I wanted to show them what I see, what so many other people see, that they likely don’t see in themselves.

At the time, I had no idea that this would become so much more.

The stories that I hear at every session would shock you – stories of abuse, sometimes over the top and beyond what you can even imagine. Stories of snarky comments, being torn apart, being laughed at, and more. Boudoir sessions have become a sort of therapy session, and I’m so honored that my clients share these stories with me. Usually I don’t share them here because they’re not my stories to tell – and truth be told, sometimes that kills me. I want to show a photo and say SEE this gorgeous woman, THIS IS WHAT SHE OVERCAME! But these stories are intimate and personal, and not mine to share. So I share what I can, and laugh and cry with my clients at their sessions, and often at their reveals.

In the past month or so, I have read and heard some stories that really struck me though – yes, they were shitty situations, but they struck me because these amazing women embraced their courage and overcame fear to stand up for themselves. To say ENOUGH, and to demand that they be treated with respect.

I am so proud of you ladies, SO proud.


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