Boudoir Photography Denver: A Kindness Challenge

Here we are, it’s Monday again. I can practically hear the groans – but I promise, this is a GOOD Monday!

This is the Monday when you get to hear more about the little challenge that I’ve been planning! I am taking a break from editing and booking Boudoir photography in Denver, to offer a special challenge with a KILLER PRIZE.

And I promise, not only will the actual prize from me be worth it, but the rewards in the challenge itself will be worth it several times over.

So let’s chat about it: Kindness.

It’s everywhere now, there are songs about it, shows about it, it’s on the floats at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. It’s a big deal now, right?

The problem is, that it’s very easy to know and say that it is so important, but how easy is it to actually PRACTICE Kindness EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Not very easy. Especially when someone left trash on the sidewalk AGAIN. Or when someone leaves a nasty comment on a Facebook post AGAIN. Or when a mom at your church moms group gives you a dirty look because your kid’s hair isn’t perfectly done up AGAIN.

These things are annoying and bothersome – and believe me, they bother the crap out of me too. But really, maybe responding with kindness instead of eye rolls might not only make our own days a little easier, but also help that other person to rethink their behavior in the first place? Truly, it may not – but we just never know, and responding with kindness instead of annoyance can make a world of difference in someone’s day!

I was thinking more and more about how necessary kindness is to the world right now with such division in so many ways, and then I got to thinking more and more about who really NEEDS kindness. We all do, right?


Did anyone just feel a little virtual slap in the face right there? I’m typing this out, and I felt it for myself!

I have been working with women in boudoir photography in Denver for several years now, and I can tell you that most of us really miss the boat when it comes to being kind to ourselves. WHY!?

Not only do we need to show kindness to others, but we need to be kinder to ourselves. That nasty voice in our brains that tells us we can’t do something because we’re too __________ – that voice needs to go away. Or at least chill the fuck out every once in awhile. And being kind to ourselves can result in a peace that helps us to be kind to others. I know this sounds super woo woo but it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE, I promise.

SO – let’s have a challenge, shall we?


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Not just ten days of kindness to others, but to YOURSELF too.

How is this going to work?

If you aren’t in the Facebook group already, come join us, because this is where we are going to share our acts and battles for the next ten days.

The basic rundown:

Starting December 6th, 2016, there will be a thread every day in the Facebook group for you to share your acts of kindness. Not only to others, but your acts of kindness to yourself too! You are welcome to share in other social media outlets, but sometimes that can feel rather showboat-ish, know what I mean? (Is that even a word? It is now!)

The goal is to hold each other to a higher standard of kindness, and to lift each other up, which is the overall big picture goal for the community in general.

Now WHY would you want to do this?

For $300, of course. ;) Dolla dolla bills y’all!

For everyone that participates for AT LEAST SIX of the 10 days (meaning that you share your acts of kindness towards others and yourself at least 6 days, in the appropriate threads on Facebook), there will be a random drawing for a $300 gift card towards your session.

Already had your session? You can use it towards something you didn’t get the first time, or book a new session! Not ready to do your own session yet? Gift it to someone else! $300 is your session retainer, some digital images, almost half of an album, some wall art, or can be used towards whatever you’d like to have with Brooke Summer Photography!

Not-so-fine print: Gift card expires at the end of 2017 – so don’t wait to use it! You MUST participate in 6 of the 10 days and threads in the Facebook group to be considered for the gift card drawing. The gift card is not redeemable for cash, but IS transferable – so if you know of someone that could benefit from a day of pampering, you can gift it to her!

I know this challenge won’t be easy – especially when it comes to acts of kindness towards yourself. That’s why I’m starting tomorrow, to give you some time to think about what you’d like to do! We will also be discussing ideas and fun things that you can do in the group – so get on over and have some fun with us! I promise, it’s an awesome group of ladies!

So come over. And laugh. And possibly cry. And share your wins, your losses, your battles, and your kindness towards others and yourself. And maybe win $300! Bring your friends too. Do you know of someone who has always wanted to try a session? Invite her! What better way to get her feet wet and get $300 towards that session!

PS – if you want to share or tag on social media, use the hashtag #kindnesschallenge so I can see, I can’t wait!


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