We went to an amazing show last night, with Los Amigos Invisibles, and Trombone Shorty. I was seriously blown away, it was un-freakin’-believable. More about that later though.

When we got home at about 12:30am, we were both EXHAUSTED. Frankie came out of the shadows from wherever she was sleeping, and did her best to look SUPER pathetic to remind us that it was WAY past her bedtime. This is the look we get every night when she decides that she’s tired and we should go to bed. She will lay her head in our lap until we give in and move to the bedroom.

And because we were out so late last night, on a school night no less, I’m tired. Super tired today. This is how I feel today. Happy, but tired. Ready to relax and have some time with my guys tonight!

Happy hump day. :)