It amazes me how the things that I want the most, can be the scariest. I guess there’s nothing worth getting that is easy to get, right?

Last week, I broke down. I have a lot of things going on right now, and some things coming up that are AWESOME things, but scary. My fear got ahold of me. No, let me rephrase – I *LET* my fear get ahold of me. Some of the things that have started happening with my business are things that I want, things that I’ve worked so hard for – but they’re terrifying, all at once. And last week I just broke down. I cried and cried, and Tom was completely blindsided. I couldn’t speak because I was crying so hard, and he HATES it when I cry. Once he figured out that my crying and stress wasn’t caused by him, he relaxed and tried to make me laugh. Usually he’s pretty good at that, but this time it wasn’t working. I was scared, stressed, and just CRIED. I let it all out.

So he sang me a song. One of the cheesiest songs ever made, seriously. It’s from the movie Karate Kid, and plays at the end, in the big competition.

Oh yeah, he broke out the Karate Kid. A little Joe Esposito, circa 1984. And how could I NOT laugh at that? It really is a horrible song. Even for the 80’s, decade of pretty horrible (and yet oh so catchy) music, it was pretty bad. And Tom singing it… well, let’s just say WOW. I had to laugh!

Fear will happen, it’s going to happen. I can’t let it control me. And usually I do a pretty darn good job. But it’s so uplifting to know that when fear gets the upper hand, I have someone there to support me. To sing me cheesey 80’s songs and call me DanielSon! To love me, to hold me, and to make me laugh.

Tom, YOU’RE the best. Even if you sing it off key and can’t remember the words. You are my rock, my support and I can’t thank you enough. I am so fortunate to have you, and so honored to become your wife this year.

Encourage someone, make them laugh. Sing that song to them. See if they can keep a straight face. We could all use a smile every once in awhile. And even if you aren’t aware of something going on in someone’s life, you might just make their day.

So sing it with me, horribly and loud – “You’re the best arounnnnnnd! Nothin’s gonna ever keep ya down!” Smile. :)