A few weeks ago, Tom and I were getting ready to go to my mom’s to go through wedding stuff. My mom is doing the flowers (more to come on that later…) and so she wanted to see details of what I had in mind, magazines, stuff like that. I filled two HUGE bags full and set them aside while I got everything else together. Kaden, in coat – check. Purse, with phone – check. Laptop bag – check. Tom, with the constantly lost sunglasses – check.

I put my own coat on and went to get the bags, and found a tennis ball nestled in with my wedding paraphernalia. I can’t decide whether Frankie was saying “hey let’s play!” or “don’t forget me.” Either way, it made me smile. I threw the tennis ball for her one last time, and Tom put her leash on so that she could visit Grandpa Tom and Grammy with the rest of us.

Happy Friday to everyone. Enjoy your weekend, and give lots of love and time to the people closest to you.