While we were visiting friends, a family member brought over their dog. I had never met this dog before, but if I’m being completely honest with myself, there are only two dogs I can think of that I don’t like. Two. In my entire LIFE. One was my grandmother’s toy poodle from HELL. The other is a dog that shall remain nameless because she is still living. I just can’t handle that high pitched yipping bark, it doesn’t matter how sweet the dog is! So anywho, he brought his dog over. And as soon as I saw this dog I about fell over with happiness.

I have always wanted a Great Dane. They’re gorgeous, sweet, and just all around amazing dogs, and HUGE! They’re so clumsy and goofy, gentle giants with a ton of love to give! For some reason small dogs are “in” right now, maybe it’s the whole Paris Hilton thing. (That poor dog…) People want the smaller dogs, and so shelters are filled with the larger dogs, it really breaks my heart. For some reason, I’m drawn to the big dogs. And not just the big dogs, the BIG dogs. REALLY big dogs. You really can’t get much bigger than a Great Dane. There are a few breeds that will challenge their size, but not many. Good thing Tom is on board with this right? He wants a mastiff. Me TOO!

So in walks Myrtle. That’s right, Myrtle. Isn’t that such a FUN name for a dog?! Especially a Great Dane! So Myrtle the Dog walks in and I’m in love. Sorry Tom, I was in love with her. I showered her with hugs and kisses, and she enjoyed herself too. She came downstairs to visit with us and laid on a double bed. No joke, totally serious – she took up the WHOLE bed. That night, her owner slept on one of two couches in the living room, and she took the other. It didn’t matter that she was entirely TOO BIG for the couch, and her legs stuck up and out everywhere. She wouldn’t DARE sleep on the floor.

What a sweetheart, I want one. Tom, I want one. Ha believe me he already knows – but I had to throw that in there just in case. By the way, Kaden is totally in on this – he wants a Great Dane too. But I think that he wants one because he thinks he can ride the dog. That’s how huge this dog was people, he could literally RIDE the dog.

I want a black and white Great Dane with blue eyes named Isis. Because of Myrtle. See Tom, it’s all Myrtle’s fault! She’s not trained for pictures yet though, she wasn’t impressed with me trying to get her attention. We can work on that though.