Happy Monday, bloggies! Warning: This post contains sarcasm. That’s right, I said it. In an effort to let more of myself come out on my blog, I’ve started writing like I talk. Which means sarcasm and dry humor. So, please enjoy. And if you don’t, peace out. Some random things for your Monday!

Ladies… you know the things that you take off your makeup or nail polish with? The round or square little cotton pads? All of the ladies right now are nodding their heads, and all of the guys are going “huh?” LoL! So anyway. I went to my beloved Target, looking for these things because I ran out. It’s one of the things that I don’t really buy often because the packages have like 200 in them and I don’t usually need another package for about a year or so. I just don’t wear a lot of makeup! So when I was in Target, looking for these things, I went to where I thought they would be – by the makeup and makeup remover, right? They weren’t there. I also looked by the nail polish and nail polish remover, nothing. Then I thought hey, maybe they’re by the Q-tips. Right? Nope. Eventually I had to ask. And of course, the only person available for me to ask was male. Nothing personal guys, but when you don’t get what a woman is talking about, there isn’t really a KIND of getting it – you don’t get it AT ALL. And this guy was in that boat, the boat of utter confusion, wondering “what the heck is this woman looking for?” Finally I gave up trying to explain them to him and asked where the cotton balls were. I figured, they have to be together right? He said “oh they’re on the wall behind the pharmacy.” Now I thought this was strange, but I walked to the wall behind the pharmacy. And lo and behold, I found them. GUESS WHERE?! By the tampons. I am totally not joking. These cotton things, along with cotton balls, were RIGHT NEXT to the tampons. Now this got me thinking. WHY would they put these things right next to tampons? They’re really not related products in any way. It’s not like a woman is going to go into Target, looking for tampons, and say “ooh look, cotton squares, and they’re cheaper – I can save some money this month by using these instead!” Seriously? REALLY Target? Ridiculous. Long story, see where it got you? Nowhere. Except now I bet all of the men are thinking “hmmm they’re cheaper, I bet they really COULD be substituted, maybe I’ll ask my wife!” Trust me guys, don’t go there. Hahahahahahaha okay sorry for the laughing, I’m really laughing here, imagining my husband’s thoughts as he reads this. Because I know that he is the guy that would be completely serious in thinking that, and I know that others are out there!

SO! Moving on.

I am a Denver Broncos fan, through and through. Yes, I know what their playing looks like this year. But I’m still a fan. And can I just say, that some other teams’ fans are not being so nice this year? I won’t name names… but wow, some people are being really nasty on Facebook. I am a Bronco fan, and there is one particular team (*cough*) that I REALLY dislike, but I don’t go around posting about HATRED for this team. Some fans are being really, really crappy and I think they need to be taken down a notch. So I cheered for the other teams yesterday. Not because I have anything against the teams, but because the fans are being mean. And I don’t like mean people.

We went to Anderson Farms on Saturday, more on that to come. However, while we were there, I bought some cinnamon glazed pecans. I figured hey, I like pecans and you can never go wrong with sweet and salty, right? Ummm LIFE CHANGING. Oh man, I should have bought like 10 packages of these things. Although that would have meant spending a small fortune on nuts. But still, they were THAT good. Tom had to drag me away from them, and even HE admitted how flippin’ awesome they were. Kaden and I were discussing their awesomeness last night, and we decided that we want to make some. I found this recipe here on one of my favorite sites, AllRecipes.

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SEE? Don’t they look yummy?However, if any of you have a killer recipe that you would like to share, I’m all ears. Or eyes, if you email me. Not many people know this (well I guess they do now) but I have a HUGE cookbook, and only recipes that we LOVE are allowed in the cookbook. And every time a recipe is added, unless it’s an internet recipe, it has someone’s name attached. So if you send me your badass glazed cinnamon pecan recipe and we love it, it will be immortalized as “_________________’s badass glazed pecans.” You will forever be in my cookbook! If that’s not a reason to share, I don’t know what is. But seriously, I will love you forever. If you have a recipe, comment and we’ll talk, I want to taste it!

Speaking of amazing fall treats, my friend Tawna has forever ruined me when it comes to popcorn. She introduced me to this White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice popcorn from Cornzapoppin. And now I’m an addict. For anyone in the SE Denver area, drop what you’re doing right now and drive to Cornzapoppin to get some. I promise, you will love me forever. It’s THAT good. And then on your way home, bring me some please, because I’m almost out. Thank you. Oh and by the way, the store in Parker is closing at the end of this week, so you’ll have to head to Highlands Ranch. And they have a special 10% off discount if you go to their Facebook page. See, I just saved you 10%, that’s worth dropping some off for me, right? I will also accept mailed popcorn from the people I love. Ha!

I better stop now. Between nuts and popcorn I’m getting hungry for some sweets, and that never ends well!

Happy Monday to everyone, have a fantastic week. :)