Well Monday, we meet again. Good thing I’m a positive person or I might dread you every week. ;)

Welcome! I’m SO behind in so many things right now. I guess taking three weeks off from most of your life will do that to you, right? I’m making a list of to-dos and goals for this week though, and blogging is a top priority. I’m going to try to start getting some vendor reviews written, honeymoon information, stories, journals, and most of all… PHOTOS! Ha. That is my hope and I’m sticking to it. Although I’m looking at booking a shoot this week so I’m not making any promises! How about some random Manic Monday thoughts?

Friday night was Kaden’s big school event for crazy hair. We didn’t know it was a dance too. Now you may be asking yourself, what does a 7-year-old do at a dance? With orange and blue hair? Why, tackle his friends and jump on each other, of course. I wouldn’t really call it a dance. That’s what they called it, I would probably use another word. Maybe CHAOS. Yes, that would fit. We had bad pizza. And bad cookies. But a lot of fun! Except for Tom’s complains about Limbo. He was all bent out of shape that the kids were shorter and therefore Limbo wasn’t fair. I had to remind him that most of the world is shorter than he is, there are very few people he can play Limbo with and have it be “fair.”

It snowed on Saturday. Yes, SNOW. In OCTOBER. Now before you say “it always snows in October, Brooke!” let me just say that it’s entirely too early. It SNOWED on October 8! What’s up with that? I wasn’t ready for that. I was just starting to enjoy my fall, and then BAM! Kaden is getting all geared up to go play in the snow. And, I was shooting what was supposed to be a rooftop wedding that night! The wedding was moved indoors and was gorgeous, and everything worked out wonderfully, but I still feel the need to pout because I didn’t want snow so early. So here I go. **POUTY FACE**

Okay I’m done pouting. It’s back to fall weather and I’m happy. Although cold. Last night I was FREEZING so I did what every normal girl does when she’s cold, I went shopping. Well, kind of. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some tea for my Keurig. And while I was there I just HAD to check out the Snuggies. Because I don’t have one yet. And while I was checking out the Snuggies I came across the QUEEN of all Snuggies. And because I was freezing I just HAD to get it. Now before I show you the photo, let me just prepare you – get ready to be mad jealous. I so love this thing. My only complaint is that I think it needs a button or something in the back so that when I get up to refill my tea I don’t get that horrible hospital gown draft. So ready?

BAM! Sexy, right? ;)
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Doesn’t that just look AWESOME and comfy? Put it on your Christmas list now, it’s awesome. :) Although I did forget my BBB coupon when I went. I need to take that back and get my $6!

I’m going to make a fantastic pot roast this week and revel in the comfort food goodness that is pot roast. I’m a little wound up today, can you tell? I think it’s from lack of sleep.

I will work on photos this week and hopefully post some soon. Happy Manic Monday!