Soooo it’s Monday. Hooray? Ha!

I have a lot to catch up on still, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of regular blogging. So in an effort to resume regularly scheduled programming, I present to you, Manic Monday, October 3 edition!

Before the wedding, I ordered white flip flops because I knew that the fabulous shoes that I had for my gown would hurt. Scratch that, hurt isn’t a strong enough word – would cause agonizing pain. So I got these flip flops from Amazon, and while dancing at our reception, they broke. The entire strap came out of the base. So I emailed the vendor. I realized that since I wore them I probably wouldn’t be getting a refund and I was okay with that, however, I just wanted a new pair. I figured that was fair, after all, the one and only time I wore them, they broke. Their response? We can give you free shipping if you want to order another pair, and you can ship the broken ones back to us. So let me get this straight. I can pay for two pairs, and send one back to you, and only have one? No thank you. Does anyone else find this laughable? WHY would I pay for another pair, and send you back the pair that I originally paid for? Part of me wants to email back and say “Really? REALLY?!” but I figure I will just let it go. It’s not worth an email exchange that I don’t want to get into. For me it’s just another example of what NOT to do when it comes to customer service and my clients!

My son, the love of my life, the baby I cradled and the child that I’ve nurtured, now has a mohawk. *sigh* And his school just *happens* to have a crazy hair day this week. So he wants to paint one half blue and the other half orange (for Broncos and Bears) and the middle white. I always told myself that if my child wants to have a funky hairdo but is awesome in every other aspect (schoolwork, home, respectful, etc.) that I would be okay with it. And I am, I okayed the actual haircut. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother me. Especially since he won’t DO it to make it stand up. So it just flops. Gross. I just keep my mouth shut and tell myself there are worse things in the world mommy!

We saw the Lion King this weekend, in the new 3D release. And I LOVED it, just like I thought I would! That’s such a great movie. I saw it seven times in the theater the first time it came out, although at $13 per person, I can’t afford that this time! Holy moly I was shocked at how expensive it was! This is the LION KING people, not some amazing full length feature film with awesome effects. Wow.

I went to Sam’s Club last night to get a chicken for dinner. They were out of chicken, so I had to get this awesome pair of boots for the winter. When I explained this to Tom, he didn’t get it. How can guys not understand this concept? It’s perfectly clear to me, and to the women that I’ve told since then. :)

On Friday, a whole bunch of us went to Brunswick Zone. I’m not good at bowling, I never have been. I can get a strike every once in awhile, but I’m lucky to break 100. However, they also wanted to play laser tag. Now when this was mentioned, I told them – last time I played, I won every time and Tom wasn’t happy. They didn’t believe me. I could see the look of haughty derision (BBT reference there for my fellow geeks) on their faces. That look was gone when I was in first place after the first game we played. I pretty much killed them. So we went to bowl for awhile, and then they wanted to play laser tag again. And I had a HUGE target on my back because the guys weren’t happy to be killed by a girl. So they came after me, no mercy. And guess who was in first place in the second game too? That’s right, aww yeah. So first place, twice in a row. And they STILL didn’t believe that I could do it again, so we played again. And one of them in particular kept saying that he was going to beat me this time, THIS time it was on. I kept wondering, what about the first two? But I didn’t say it. So we played our third and final game. And the scores took entirely too long to come out. When they finally came out, the guy announced them backwards – so third, second, and then FIRST – that’s right, yours truly. First place, three times in a row. And the last time, I had 5800 points – super high. The others weren’t even a little close to me, it was like a laser tag massacre. Everyone with me – awww yeah! Girls rule. ;)

Beyonce’s song “Girls” is on the CD in my car. Tom was driving my car. He walked into our home singing that song, and I just watched him, stunned. It was hilarious to watch him singing “who runs the world girls!” It’s kind of a strange song, and the video is too, so warning before watching. But it can be fun really loud while driving. And for your viewing pleasure today, because I’m sure it will help your imagination, here is the music video for the song. So imagine Tom singing this song. LoL!

And yes, I’m sure he would want me to note… he was ONLY singing it because it was on in the car. ;)

And one more note. I still love my Keurig B70 Platinum Coffee Maker. Especially with pumpkin spice coffee. Just sayin’.