It has been FOREVER since I’ve done one of these posts. I guess it’s time, right? I was going through my phone photos this morning looking for something I had taken, and found a whole bunch of funny stuff to share! Keep in mind people, THESE ARE PHOTOS FROM MY PHONE which is almost two years old. Hey, I need to upgrade! Tangent… I tell you that because they are not my professional photos, just snapshots every day. Why do I feel the need to say that? Because someone actually pointed out that my PHONE PHOTOS don’t look professional. Ummm… duh? If anyone tells you they can shoot your wedding or boudoir session with a phone, RUN. RUN FAR FAR AWAY. And then call me. ;)

Before we get to sharing photos though, I saved a post that I just had to share because it seriously makes me laugh. Before sharing, I need to tell you a little bit about my sense of humor. Hmmm after setting it up like that I don’t really know what to say other than, it’s unusual. :) Let’s just say, I find things funny that no one else really thinks are funny. Tom does too. Bad joke = Tom and Brooke laughing, while everyone else is silent. Match made in Heaven, right? When I found this website though, I KNEW that she would laugh at these jokes too. After all, she has a love for taxidermied (taxidermed? taxidermified?) animals, if that’s not crude I don’t know what is. And I heart her.

The Bloggess is DAMN.HILARIOUS. A couple of things to know before clicking this link: 1. She is very crude and swears, so if bad words offend you, don’t click. 2. Victor is her husband.

Are you offended yet? Hey that reminds me of something else I found lately online! This should be something I say every day… I always manage to offend people. ;)

i apologize to anyone I have not offended yet

A couple of weeks ago, the beautiful Kelli of Here’s To You Events, told me about a special warehouse sale that was going on at Roper. I had NO idea what Roper was, but she promised me I could find red cowboy boots there at a good price, so of course, I went. For any of you that have never been to a warehouse sale, there are no pretty displays, or Target type end caps. There are rows and rows and rows of stuff in boxes. With little pictures to show what the stuff in boxes actually is. While perusing the aisles, I found these and took a photo to send to Tom to show him what I was going to buy for him. Because these just SCREAM Tom, right? ;)

shark cowboy boots

Who doesn’t want a pair of boots with TEETH!? Alas, I did not purchase them. But it’s pretty fun to mess with Tom. It would have been funnier if I sent the price tag too, I didn’t think about that one. I was walking up and down and up and down and a little discouraged when this beautiful cowboy boot angel appeared and offered help. Most of the people that were there that day weren’t… well… nice. They were just kind of rude, and from the looks I got I knew that if there was a deal to be had they would trample me and take anything I had to get to it. You know what I mean, right ladies? Just not courteous, nice people. So when Ms. Cowboy Boot Angel appeared and I was actually NICE to her, she and another gentleman bent over backwards to help me. And searched in their magic box (computer) for red boots. And found me two pairs. And the world was good. ;) I ended up getting one because the white accents on the other were just a little too hoedown for me though. And by hoedown I don’t mean something that you would see on a bad episode of Cops, I mean the barn dance.


red cowboy boots stetson

One thing you may not know about me is that I love love love brunch. Breakfast food. It is by FAR my favorite meal to eat out, and we are forever looking for brunch places that are close to our home, but not chains. I really just can’t do Village Inn or IHOP anymore, God love them. I want some REAL food. Last weekend, we found a new place! We didn’t get there until about 1pm, so everyone else was gone, we had a beautiful ballroom all to ourselves, and a personal chef to take care of us. And Kaden’s favorite part? They had a chocolate fountain.

To all of you germophobes out there, don’t worry, I didn’t let him put his hands in. Yuck yuck yuck. I’m sure if he could have found a way to fit, he would have just put his head directly underneath the stream, but it was too small. The chef promised us that the big fountain would be out for Mother’s Day though, and that his head would fit then. Why someone would tell a seven year old that information, I don’t know – but I guess the action can’t be that bad then, right? ;)

I went to a beautiful little shop with some ladies from church a few weeks ago, and saw this. I might need it for the studio… although I don’t have a lot of pink! ;)

if the crown fits princess

Kaden and I went to buy a blender (long story) last week and at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we came across the section with scales. Not just scales

rhinestone scale

Someone shared this with me and I was instantly in LOVE. Then it occurred to me that maybe there was a reason they were sharing it with me and I pondered that for a moment…. and decided that I didn’t care.

grammar nazi

THEY ARE DIFFERENT WORDS PEOPLE. There, that’s my PSA for the day. ;)

I love Target.

target hypnotism

How true is that. I think that little dog is a wizard or something.

Adorable Target Dog: These pillows would look great on your couch.
Me: I don’t need pillows on the couch, there are some already there.
Me: These pillows would look really great on my couch… **adds to cart**

Don’t judge me, you know you’ve been there! ;)

I leave you today with a sad, sad photo from this morning.

Every morning, Kaden and Frankie run around the house like terrors, you would think the world was ending and they only had ONE MORE CHANCE to run together. I don’t intervene, I figure it’s better to run before school at home than in the middle of a math lesson. As fun as that sounds, I don’t think his teacher would appreciate it. So they run, and play, and have a ball together. Then we leave, to take Kaden to school. If Frankie behaves, she gets to come with us, and when it’s nice out, I roll down the window and have one VERY BLISSFUL dog in the seat behind me. Then we drop off Kaden, he kisses me goodbye and then Frankie, and her face falls. She watches him go into the building and sighs – Every. Single. Day. And on the way home, she sticks her head out the window and forgets her troubles as her ears flap in the wind.

This morning, it was raining, so I didn’t roll down the window. She was annoyed with me to start, but at least she had Kaden with her still. Then we dropped him off, and she turned on the “I’m so pathetic no one ever loves me or feeds me” face immediately. ESPECIALLY because the window wasn’t down. So if your day starts to seem not so great, think of Frankie and how pathetic she looks here, and smile. :)

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee roll down the window Mom! WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING ME?!