I feel like today is truly a Manic Monday!

My mind is a total mess right now. I’m so overwhelmed and stressed… because of GOOD things, but still overwhelmed! There’s just so much to do. So much to think about. So much to respond to. I feel like I’m going a million miles an hour, and my brain just wants to shut down.

I haven’t been able to sleep lately. Well, let me correct myself. I fall asleep fine usually, because I’m so tired. And then I wake up at 3am. And 4am. And 5am. Which is SO irritating! Usually if I can GET to sleep, I’m good! We went to dinner with DJ West and his lovely wife Chris the other night, to talk about the wedding and hang out for a bit, and I left my playlist at the restaurant. Not a huge deal, right? I mean, a little stupid but not earth shattering. And yet I woke up in the middle of the night three times thinking about the stupid playlist. All I could think of was “I WANT SLEEP!!” And you can imagine how much that helped me to actually sleep!

I took Melatonin awhile back and it resulted in some CRAZY dreams. I might have to try it again though, this is silly. I need some rest!

Because I haven’t been sleeping very well, I’ve been tired during the day, and have turned to my good friend, Starbucks. This is unfortunately a very expensive habit. I don’t get the super fancy drinks there, but even at $4/cup, they add up quickly! So I piled all of my gift cards together and decided to get a new coffee machine. BUT WAIT! It’s not just a coffee machine. It does tea, cider, hot chocolate, coffee and mows the lawn too! Hehe just kidding, it doesn’t mow the lawn. But that would be pretty darn cool.

For all of the bells and whistles on this thing, I’m surprised it DOESN’T mow the lawn. For the price, it probably should. But between coupons and gift cards it wasn’t too bad. Check it out:

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Can’t you hear the angels singing? Awwww yeah. Everyone put your hands up and give me a collective HIGH FIVE because this thing is badass. Celestial Seasonings, Emeril, and LOTS of other brands have started making K-cups. That’s what the little cup thingies are called that you put in. You just put the cup in, put your cup underneath, choose your size and press brew. If you want to get REALLY fancy you can choose the temperature that it’s brewed at too! There are sweet teas, half tea half lemonade, apple ciders…

It SLICES. It DICES! But wait folks, that’s not all! Ha! (I used to watch FAR too many infomercials!)

I’m waiting for my Chai k-cups to come in from Amazon, I’m psyched to try those ones! My first cup made was coconut coffee. Sounds gross, right? But YUM! It was good. Then Kaden smelled the coconut and wanted coconut hot chocolate. What’s that sweetie? A custom made hot chocolate for you, in about 2 minutes? SURE! He was thrilled.

Yes, I know I’m a dork. But it makes me happy, so hey, I’ll take what I can get, right? :)

I need to get my nails shellacked.

I have my test run for makeup on Wednesday, and while I’m excited, it scares me that it’s that close. We booked it FOREVER ago and now it’s here. What the heck?

I shot a wedding on Saturday with the awesome Erik Spring of Jamee Photography and it was definitely a different experience for me! I really enjoyed it. I will show more images soon!

Happy Monday everyone. I’m going to go home tonight and chill and make myself some tea. Or hot chocolate. Or coffee. Who knows, the world is my oyster! (I’ve never understood that phrase, but it seems appropriate. Or should it be the k-cup is my oyster?)