Happy Monday internet!

I have Yessenia and Ruben’s engagement shoot all ready to go, but I forgot one little thing so it will go live tonight. :)

I’m a little overwhelmed, so this will be right on par for Manic Monday – completely random ha!

I bought ham at the grocery store and it’s kind of slimy. It tastes fine, smells fine, but the consistency is bothering me. Yes, I’m THAT girl – food can taste great but if it’s mushy, yuck. I don’t like applesauce unless I make it. Because when I make it, it’s chunky. ;) I don’t like pudding either. And yes, I’m used to it – the response to that is usually “How can you NOT like pudding?!” It’s mushy. When I’m 95 and have no teeth, then I will eat pudding. Until then, give me a steak! Or pizza. Especially Cosmos Pizza, which my brother introduced me to and I will forever hold it over his head because now I’m addicted. And of course, Cosmos is right next to Gigi’s Cupcakes, which are dangerous too. SO good. This paragraph was originally about mushy ham, how did we get to cupcakes? Sometimes the direction of my thoughts concerns Tom.

I used to really like the counters on websites that say “_____ days until _______!” But now, they scare me. Mainly because they have to do with the wedding. REALLY? THAT many days until the wedding? Yikes. I guess I better get going on my special checklist of 169 items. LoL! Spraypaint 45’s – CHECK! Hehe I can’t wait to check off that one. For some reason that gets put off constantly, I’m not sure why, it seems like it would be fun!

We met with our officiant – my stepdad! It was fun to go through the actual ceremony details, that’s something we haven’t really done yet. We went through Bible verses and meanings and different important parts, and I caught myself saying awwww several times! One thing that was mentioned is that when God created the Earth, He said it was good. But when he created a companion for man, it was Very Good. It wasn’t enough to have just man, man was never meant to be alone. Women and men are meant to compliment each other. That was one of those awww moments. Yes, I’m a dork. I’m okay with that.

Kit Kats are evil.

Happy Monday everyone! ;)