Good morning, happy Friday! It dawned on me this morning that we leave for WPPI in two days. TWO DAYS people! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

Mary Marantz, of Justin & Mary, posted on her Facebook page today that she needed a volunteer who was a first time attendee, and would be attending their platform class. Maybe it was because I had just woken up and was on my phone, or a momentary lapse of judgment, but I volunteered. Ummm what the heck, what did I do? I don’t even know what it’s for LOL! I blame just barely waking up. I just figured if it’s Mary, it must be cool. She is one of the celebrities that I talked about in my previous post that I will probably get a chance to at least say hi to in Las Vegas. Whew… goosebumps! So we will see what she has in store for the lucky volunteer. ;)

Before I travel by air, I usually clean out my purse. Yes, I realize that’s bad. But I don’t want to have a ton of liquids that won’t fit in that stupid bag, so I have to make sure! Should I clean it out more? Definitely. But WHAT IF someone needs all of the crap that I carry with me? That’s what I ask myself. Does it really justify it? No, but don’t tell my inner crazy person that.

So, I dumped it out on the table.

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Scary, right? A few highlights:

  1. Three packs of gum. Yes, three. Why do I need three? I don’t want to have bad breath, silly! Actually I was like $1 away from getting $10 off when I bought my son shoes, so I had to get another pack to get my $10 off. Heck yeah, discounts baby!
  2. Cell phone. The case is broken and I really need to get a new one, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve had this one for over a year!
  3. My awesome cigarette case turned wallet that I got in Turkey. Yes, the country Turkey. I loved it there! I should have gotten two of these… one for business cards too!
  4. My journal/business workbook. It’s almost always with me, I’m surprised it’s not showing more wear!
  5. Papers. And more papers. Receipts, business cards, papers everywhere! Paper clutter drives me batty, and it follows me in my purse too!
  6. My point and shoot. The best camera is the one you HAVE WITH YOU!
  7. Business card holder. Yes, I have a cute little patent leather holder. Although you can see in the photo there are others scattered throughout my purse!
  8. I had… 22 pens in my purse. And two Sharpies. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous. BUT WHAT IF SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE?! <– that’s what I told my husband. He said “what, 22 people?”
  9. Eight tubes of lip gloss or chapstick.
  10. An 8G compact flash card. I have no idea how that got there, usually they live in their pretty little case!
  11. A toothbrush. Yes, I always have a toothbrush with me. And toothpaste. And after dumping my purse last night I decided that it was nasty and old so I switched it out. You will be proud to know that I now have a brand new toothbrush in my purse!
  12. My contact case. You can also see my contact solution, and glasses case. I like to be able to switch whenever I want. Especially since what I do relies entirely on my vision, I want to make sure it’s super sharp at all times, even if it takes a few seconds to switch from glasses to contacts!

After seeing the pile on my table, I decided maybe it was time to clean it out. After all, that’s why I dumped it right? So almost all paper is OUT. That was a huge weight to begin with! I now only have three pens in my purse, and no Sharpies. I don’t know what I will do when someone needs a Sharpie, because IT HAS HAPPENED but oh well. I also went down to two packs of gum (hey one is almost gone!) and two tubes of lip gloss. Progress, people! So now I’m back into my little purse. My journal doesn’t fit. But that’s okay… I don’t really NEED it with me at all times. *pause for convincing myself of that…* Okay, done. I’m proud, back to my little purse! Now if I could just zip it up…

Some people have asked where we will be at WPPI. The short answer: ALL OVER THE PLACE. I swear we will never have a few just to BREATHE but that’s okay. I want to soak it all in! There will be so many amazing people around me and I want to soak up every bit of knowledge that they’re going to share.

So the long answer is our schedule:

Sunday 02/19
We arrive in the late morning, YAY!

  • 3pm – WPPI platform classes, we have separate classes confirmed for each of us. I will be in the Boudoir Divas class, and Tom will be in the pure energy class.
  • 7pm – Showiteer arrival dinner
  • 9pm-10pmish – After party for WPPI Photographers Ignite

Monday 02/20

  • 10am – Wedding shoot with EmmaJane photography
  • 3pm – WPPI platform class with Sal Cincotta
  • 7pm – still pending… boudoir photogs dinner and cocktails
  • 9pm – still pending, choosing between Airplanes and Blazers and the Madera party. The DWF party is also Monday night. There are a TON this night!

Tuesday 02/21

  • 11am – Showit United, Jasmine Star keynote
  • 3pm – WPPI platform class with Mike Colon
  • 7pm – still pending, choosing between P31 gatherings and Trevor Dayley’s awesomeness.
  • 9pm – Graphistudio reception, possibly the BayPhoto party as well. Oh and Canon’s party is this night, as well as the F-stop party with Kelly Moore. I have her bag and just HAVE to tell her how much I love it. (Kidding… well I do have the bag and love it but I’m not THAT dorky that I would stalk her to tell her about it.) ;)

Wednesday 02/22
This is the night that is kind of up in the air… other than a class. ;)

  • 9am – Showiteer sponsored Photoshop class
  • 11am – Showit United state of the industry with Jeff Jochum
  • 2:30pm – WPPI platform class – Justin & Mary Marantz
  • 7:30pm – Showiteer sponsored styled shoots class

Thursday 02/23
9am – WPPI platform classes separately – I will be going to Sue Bryce’s class, Tom is going to the MacGyver class. (He is SO excited about going to a class that has a title with the word MacGyver in it)

Back home in the evening!

As you can see from above, one of the things on my to-do list today is finalizing the parties, getting the tickets, and printing out a million confirmations for things. We also have trade show booths to visit (WHCC, GraphiStudio, Bay, Canon, Boudoir Divas, ProDPI, DWF and LOTS MORE!) and people to meet. I feel like my head is spinning already! Don’t worry… I’m going into this with the same attitude that I usually have while traveling. I have a plan so that we know what is available to us, but we’re not locked into things. If we want to sleep a little later, we will. If we decide to chill for an evening, we will! That’s just how we roll. ;) SO – if you would like to meet up at WPPI, text me! My number is 303-351-1051. Text me and see where we’re at, and we will make it happen. I haven’t been to Las Vegas since 2003, and am curious about the most awesome restaurants, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment! I love to pretty much eat my way through the different places I visit, because I love to try new things, so I would love to hear your feedback!

And now, it’s time for me to post this and get to working on my schedule. And laundry. And packing ALL THREE people in our family. And lots more. My to-do list is massive today!

Happy Friday everyone! The posts will be super light next week because I will be gone, but I will try to get at least a few things up. TRY being the operative word there. ;)