As announced and introduced at the Studio Soiree last week, there is a new addition in the studio!

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She’s beautiful, right? Although here’s the problem. She’s nameless. And a gorgeous gal like this needs a name. An awesome name, with personality. I wanted to get a corset for her but I didn’t have time before the soiree, so she is in a bridal set that is part of the studio. The pearls just matched, VERY well. Tom wants to name her Pearl, and I keep telling him she has more personality than that. She’s the type of girl that can be all proper and demure during the day, and then let her hair down and party at night. Well, if she had hair. Or arms. But still, she’s got PERSONALITY.

At the event last week I asked the ladies attending to suggest names for her, so here is what has been entered so far:

Summer Love
Sweet Marilyn

Not everyone entered a name, and I wanted to get as many suggestions as possible, so I decided to open it up to all of you. I know how creative you can be, I see your comments on Facebook. Tattoos and cocktails and craziness, I adore you all! ;) I want to hear what you come up with!

Here are the rules: No duplicates on the list above. If you submit a duplicate and someone is commenting at the same time, there’s not much you can do about that, oh well. But the ones above are taken by the people who attended the Soiree, so no dups! You may leave a name every day, so if you think of more, keep commenting! Feel free to share the giveaway with your friends too, I want to hear a TON of names before we decide. This will be open for a week. There was one name mentioned at the party that I like but no one wrote it down… I wonder if someone will comment with it. ;)

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