WOW. This has been quite an adventure to try to do this video. I really don’t like video. I’m not good at it, I feel awkward in it and get nervous. Gimme a camera, I’m all set. I’m even okay in FRONT of a camera, as long as it’s not recording video.

I’ve been SO chicken, and have been putting off this video forever. As in, today is the last day. The deadline. The end. The big finale. And I recorded it tonight. I’ve been terrified to do this. Partially because of my fear of video, and partially because of just fear in general. I explain it more in the video. ;)

Tonight while trying to figure out how to get the darn thing from camera to YouTube, I asked for help on Facebook. And realized just how video challenged I really am. People were laughing at me. No joke, seriously laughing at me. I’m okay with that, I was laughing at myself. I felt like one of those tech support calls where people are asking why they need electricity to run a computer. “We don’t need no dern electricity!” Yes, a former IT person who can build a network can’t figure out how to do something with this stupid video. I have no pretenses as to my video making abilities. I’m okay with it, I’ll stick with my stills thank you.

UNTIL something that I REALLY want requires a video. Ouch. Zach and Jody Gray are doing a Creative Live workshop in Seattle, in a few weeks and to enter to be a part of this workshop, you had to submit a video. Damnit! Can’t I just write a 10 page, 10,000 word essay explaining why cheddar is yellow in the US but white in the rest of the world? Or how about a scientific paper on why paint takes longer to dry when you watch it? A VIDEO?! REALLY!? WahhhhhH! Okay there is my tantrum. So I figured out what I wanted to say, and because I’m video challenged, I typed it up and printed it out so I didn’t forget anything. Only I didn’t think about the fact that I would be looking at the paper instead of the camera. Oops. And then, there was an issue with the angle of the camera, that according to awesome videographers should be SUPER easy to fix in post processing, but Brooke couldn’t fix it. And when Brooke can’t do things and they’re driving her bonkers, she talks in the third person. **picture me with my eyes crossed twiddling my lips because I’ve gone bonkers**


So here it is. A super nervous, terrified, video challenged me, begging Zach and Jody to pick me. When I explained the premise to Kaden and why we were videotaping mommy late at night, he wanted to say something. With the election stuff starting to come into our homes full force, he’s ALL OVER saying things like “hey vote for ______!” My little campaign manager.

Zach and Jody – PICK ME! Please forgive my horrible video. Unless you think it’s awesome, then heck yeah the video is awesome and I’m so happy that you loved it enough to pick me to hang out with you all day! Because ya know, coolness just oozes out of me. Especially when I can’t look at the camera. And talk too much with my hands. What the heck is up with that, I’m not Italian, I think I picked it up in September?! Oh yeah and play with my hair too much because I’m nervous.

I would like to give a special shoutout to YouTube, for picking quite possibly the worst still in the video to be the thumbnail. Nothing but love.