Ahh the first week in awhile that we’ve had a TRUE Manic Monday! Happy Monday everyone, welcome to your week. I hope this weekend was awesome for you, I know the weather is getting to be more and more beautiful!

This is a busy week for us, although now, aren’t they all? ;) Tonight is the PASS Premiere from Showit – the tour’s Denver stop! I will learn all about the product tonight, but from what I understand, it will be a super stellar way to share photos with your clients! David Jay has amazing ideas, and such an awesome attitude, I’m excited to meet him tonight. Zach and Jody Gray will be there, as well as Promise Tangeman, and I’m so excited to hear what they have to share. I know that it will be a stellar learning experience!

Tomorrow night… *drumroll please* EARTH WIND AND FIRE!!! Their 40th anniversary concert is tomorrow night at Red Rocks, I’ve never seen them live before. I know that it will be an AWESOME show, I have to keep myself from jumping up and down while singing “September” because I’m so excited.

Wednesday night I will be posting the wedding from Florida! Provided I don’t have more technical difficulties like I had this weekend. That’s the plan, we’ll leave it at that.

Thursday night, well, will be Thursday night. :) And this weekend we’re going camping again! I’m excited for that too.

This is a very exciting week!

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean this week. Whenever people hear that they immediately ask me how it was, and my response is always the same – it was like the rest of the pirates movies. Johnny Depp is amazing in those movies, but other than that, they’re just okay, not my favorite. I don’t hate them like I do Star Trek, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. But Kaden got all of his stamps for the week (hooray!) so he got to choose, and that’s what he wanted to see. *sigh* I wonder if I will ever get to see a NON MAN movie with my family again. Seriously. It’s Star Wars, Pirates, spaceships, aliens, and anything that the male gender would love. While we were there we saw a preview for a new movie with Hugh Jackman (*swoon*) called Real Steel, and I turned to Tom and said “absolutely not, no way, that doesn’t even look a TINY bit good.” The guys can go see that one by themselves, right?

Last night we shot at the Denver People’s Fair. Kaden had a TON of fun, and it was nice to be there when it wasn’t so crowded. The People’s Fair and the Taste of Colorado are events that always bring out some… characters – and this year did not disappoint. Although I must say that one of the things that surprised me the most this year was the type of shoes that people chose to wear. I’m all for fun shoes, I have a ton of them. Are they always functional? Heck no. But some of these were just… weird. One pair looked like Bigfoot in heels – furry and HIGH. Another pair looked like they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be boots, socks, or heels. Confused shoes, I suppose. I of course had on my fabulous tennis shoes, because I was working and wanted to be comfortable. And I was, although hot. I didn’t really think about leather + skin = sweat when I got my camera bag in December. Note to self, right? ;)

And because all posts are more fun with a photo, I will leave you with a photo I shot last year at the Taste of Colorado. We were there as a family, not officially shooting, and had a ton of fun! I have a post for that one since I don’t think we’ll be able to go this year, but that will be for another time. Not too shabby for a little point and shoot and no low light settings, right? ;)

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Happy Monday to everyone, make it an awesome week this week!