Happy Monday people!!

My to-do list is a mile long this week, although I have to say that my dated post-its are really helping. Silly, right? But crossing things off is SO SATISFYING!! I’m all about digital lists and I love me some Evernote, but I take my lists from Evernote and spread them throughout the week. Pretty awesome. I would LOVE to share this link with you right now, for two reasons. 1. People have asked where I got it, and 2. I know I will need reorder them and having the link on my blog makes it easy to find. GENIUS! ;) They’re from Poketo.com, click on the photo below to get some. Seriously, love them. LOVE them!

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I guess I kind of jumped the gun a little and shared before my introduction, but here is another edition of Manic Monday! Monday randomness to get back into the swing of things for the week. :)

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I took this screenshot last night, because the 999 was driving me crazy. And it’s weird, because as soon as I took the screenshot, the number changed to 1,000! I’m so, SO excited that we are now at 1,012 fans as of this morning. Like seriously, jumping up and down, squealing excited. There will be a giveaway soon, as promised, because we reached 1,000, but in the meantime, take a second with me on this blazing Monday morning to squeal and be excited…. okay. Whew. If you aren’t following me on Facebook, click here to “Like” my page and be in the loop! Plus we have fun discussions. Like whether you prefer your toilet paper over or under. I didn’t have ONE under person, people! So if you prefer under you REALLY need to “Like” the page so that you can stick up for your fellow Unders. ;)

We went camping this weekend. My nails are completely shot, thank you Mother Nature. But it was totally worth it! This was our first camping trip that wasn’t with someone else – friends, family or other people we know! I really love going as a group, there are more people to talk to and laugh with. It was kind of nice having some time to ourselves though. We are SO close to all of our family, that it was nice to get away with just the three of us. We sat by the river and relaxed. Well, Tom and I did. We barely saw Kaden all weekend because there was a playground and other boys to play with. Which means we are now chopped liver. ;) I’m okay with that though, he wore himself out every day. I realized as the sun was setting on the last day that I hadn’t taken out my camera at all. That was how relaxed I was, just enjoying things. But at that point I decided that I needed at least a few photos, so I grabbed it when Kaden was swimming in the river. Yes, you read that right. Swimming. In the RIVER. The FREEZING COLD river. I warned him, but hey – he’s seven years old and knows everything, so he already knew that. I hope that one day I can know as much as Kaden. ;)

brooke summer photography camping

I LOVE the water, even in photos! Not bad for a point and shoot, right? ;) I remember this SO well from when I was little. The desire to be in the water took priority over any common sense whatsoever. I didn’t care HOW cold it was, I wanted to get in. I guess I still have a bit of that, as I will be the one jumping into a pool that everyone else stays away from because it’s so cold. What can I say, we are a water family. Kaden tells everyone that he is part fish. I can’t corroborate that statement though, as I don’t remember a fish being a part of that sequence of events. :P

This week there are some super exciting announcements coming up, I have them listed on my awesome day of the week post-its, so I know they’re coming up. They will go out to the mailing list first, so if you’re not on the list and would like to be, please click here to sign up. I promise the information stays with Brooke Summer Photography ONLY and is never sold or shared.

Have a fantastic week everyone!